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Beneful Dog Foods and Treats My Furbaby Loves

Okay, so my miniature dachshund is a bit spoiled, I do concede, but he is a good boy…most of the time. He is my furbaby and I’m his mom. Just like any good parent, I was concerned about my puppy getting the proper nutrition a little dog needs to lead a long happy life. He started out his cute, little doggie life, once he was weaned, eating Beneful Dry Dog Food, Healthy Puppy. I wanted him to have what I searched on Wikipedia, the extra calcium he needed to grow strong bones and DHA for healthy brain and vision development. He is a healthy, happy dog now, who will soon be five years old. I continue to enjoy his company, even more so now that my daughter is grown and moved away. He continues to eat Beneful dry dog food, but he also enjoys many other Beneful products. Due to the dachshund breed being known for problems with their teeth and gums, I give him Beneful Healthy Smile dog treats. He loves the peanut butter flavor and the parsley does the trick for his oh-so-bad doggie breath he has on occasion. This little dog is so smart. My daughter trained him to do many amazing and cute tricks. We used Beneful Dog Treats, Baked Delights Hugs to teach him how to sit, stand, speak, shake hands, and roll over when you point your fingers, gun fashion, at him and say BANG! He will come running at just the mention of a treat because my dachshund is a huge fan of the beef and cheese flavor of these dog treats. The holidays are fast approaching and of course, I have to make my dog up a Christmas stocking. I’ve done it every year since he was a pup. I usually put in it a toy or two, a bag of Beneful Baked Delights Hugs dog treats, and his special treat, Beneful Wet Dog Food, Chopped Blends. I bought the turkey, sweet potato, brown rice, and spinach one so he has a proper holiday meal also. When I get his stocking filled up, I hang it on the mantle and ask him, “Where is your stocking?” in an excited tone of voice. He cannot contain his excitement, little body quivering and tail wagging quickly, he runs straight to his stocking, jumping up with much energy and doggie happiness. It makes me so happy on Christmas morning to enjoy the day with him and my many relatives. I love my furbaby.