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Beneful Offers Variety of Dog Food For Pups and Adults

Dietary needs differ for puppies and adults dogs. Young canines need more calcium for their ever-growing bodies. On the other hand, older dogs need less protein to maintain a healthy weight. Beneful brand dog food offers dry food products for these stages of life to maintain a happy, healthy pet.

Beneful Originals include whole grains and either real beef, spinach, peas and carrots or real chicken, carrots, tomatoes and avocados. Another flavor offered is real salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. This product on encourages energy, strength, healthy immune system and overall good health. This dog food is available in 3.5 pound to 44 pound bags.

Healthy Puppy is made with with real chicken, peas and carrots. This selection has higher amounts of calcium and DHA much needed by growing puppies. Calcium promotes strong teeth and bone growth. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that encourages healthy development of the brain, eyes and central nervous system. This product is available in 3.5 pound to 15 pound bags.

Beneful Healthy Weight for adult dogs includes real chicken, apples, carrots, green beans, rice and soy. This selection has ten percent less calories than Original Beneful on purina. It is available in 3.5 pound to 44 pound bags.

Playful Life formula is made with real beef, egg, blueberries, spinach, oatmeal and corn. This can be given to both puppies and adults and is available in 3.5 pound to 31 pound bags. This product contains more protein than Original Beneful and promotes strong muscles, healthy immune system and more energy to play.

Beneful dry dog food by the Nestle Purina Petcare Company is made in fun shapes and appealing textures. Each bag consists of both meaty chunks and crunchy bites for any size dog. Each tasty selection includes important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to ensure a long, healthy life.

Where to Buy Yeonmi Park’s Book

Yeonmi Park at has become very famous withher speech that shed light on her country. She has written a book that is available at bookstores and online. Amazon has the book for sale and it could be downloaded as an eBook as well. One can also go to the nearest bookstore and buy it. This book goes into the journey that Yeonmi Park went on in order to break free from an oppressive government. Even though she broke free, her trials have not ended as of yet.

The book is the unflinching truth of the regime as experienced by Yeonmi Park in She presents readers of the truth of what she went through in an objective manner. She does not try to demonize anyone or present herself as the completely innocent angel. She is more interested in telling the truth and letting people decide for themselves what their response is going to be.

With the release of her book, the North Korean government is turning all of its attention on Yeonmi and other defectors. Their most used method is to discredit them. They put together documents and videos for Yeonmi and other defectors that try to tell people that the defectors are lying. They use anything they can to make Yeonmi and other defectors out to be liars.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi Park is looking to get education on justice so that she can become an effective activist for human rights. She is very passionate about learning human rights and figuring out a clear line to draw. Yeonmi also appears in front of schools and at events in order to make a speech that shed light on the regime that North Korea is under. As she reveals, the conditions of North Korea are very bleak.

As for the ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has to face the exposure of who he is. However, he is likely going to just tighten his control over North Koreans. He has recently executed quite a few people for watching media that was forbidden in North Korea. This is quite an extreme measure to take for something so small.

BMG’s Marcio Alaor Honored At Local Fair

To the people of Santo Antonio do Monte the annual agricultural fair is one of the major events on the calender, but this year those who have been assisted by BMG Bank Manager Marcio Alaor saw their friend honored by city officials. The naming of the food court at the 33rd annual agricultural exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte after Marcio Alaor shows just how highly the financial expert is held in the eyes of his local community.

The Santo Antonio do Monte area is not the perfect choice for creating a thriving agricultural industry, but Marcio Alaor has worked with local farmers to make this one of the top farming areas in Brazil. Now the top milk producer in the central west region of Minas Gerias the farming community has begun to thrive with the aid of Alaor and the BMG Bank. The movement towards making this area a thriving part of the Brazilian economy has been aided by the financial skills of the employees of BMG and the work of Alaor within the local community.

The position of Marcio Alaor within the community was shown by the naming of the food court after the banking executive, and was also shown in the plaque created in his honor by city officials. A number of officials attended the presentation and unveiling of the food court name to show their appreciation for Marcio Alaor. Amongst the respected officials in attendance was President Vilmar Octavian of the Rural Union, who expressed the thanks of his members fort he role Alaor has played in stimulating the growth of the farming community within the Santo Antonio do Monte region.

A number of local officials also attended the ceremony to honor Alaor and the work he has done to help those in need within the city. The Brazilian financial executive was presented with a ceremonial plaque by a number of local officials who explained how grateful they were for the work of Alaor and the fact he has not requested political favors in return for the assistance he has given the city. Marcio Alaor was at pains to point out his work was far from over, despite the fact he felt similar honors are usually reserved for the deceased. Now the Vice President of BMG Bank, Alaor thanked his family and all those he had met through his life for aiding him in his journey from shoeshine boy to a leading Brazilian banking executive.

Yeonmi Park And Her Emotional Escape From North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a young human rights activist and victim of the brutal dictatorship of the North Korean regime. She was fortunate enough to defect from North Korea but not before the regime left its mark on her and her entire family. She made her world stage debut in Dublin, Ireland at a summit on human rights where she told an emotional and graphic story about life in North Korea and her escape with her family. Yeonmi Park also detailed her experiences at the hands of human traffickers that were supposed to be helping her and her mother, and it is important to her the world knows about the terrible practice of human trafficking as well. Yeonmi Park came from a well-off family in North Korea. Her father and all of the men in her family were members of the Worker Party, and they were high ranking, especially her father. Although they were considered wealthy by North Korean standards, her father was very critical of North Korea. North Korea is known for its brain washing techniques and powerful propaganda, and it is also known for blaming all of its problems on other nations. Her father was always quick to point out that all of the nation’s problems were due to the regime’s leader at the time, Kim Jong Il. Yeonmi Park’s mother was always quick to hush her husband because paranoia was common in North Korea. Yeonmi Park has even stated when she was young she believed the leader could read her thoughts. When the famine hit, her father likely knew it was coming, and he began to illegally smuggle food in from China by trading precious metals. This was illegal in North Korea, but he really had no choice. At the time, Yeonmi Park recalls people having to eat grass and bugs to keep from starving to death, and there are even rumors today of cannibalism being a common practice during the famine. Her father was eventually caught, and he was sentenced to a brutal labor camp with his family. It was eventually decided they would have to escape and defect. The only way to defect to South Korea is to escape through China, go down through the Mongolian Gobi Dessert and then reach the South Korean embassy. There is no way to cross directly from North Korea to South Korea. Yeonmi Park’s sister fled first, followed by her and her mother and her father left last due to his health. The journey that followed was traumatizing for Yeonmi Park. Her father later met up with her and her mother, but he died from stomach cancer during the trek. She was forced to dispose of his remains in the middle of the night. She also witnessed her mother raped repeatedly at the hands of human traffickers. Eventually, Yeonmi Park and her mother made it South Korea. Five years after they made it, she was reunited with her sister. Soon, Yeonmi Park will be releasing a book that tells her tale. It is intended to clear up any confusion about her recounts.