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Lime Crime Making the World More Beautiful One Color at A Time

A makeup company is challenging the comfort level of the beauty world by offering products we all wanted, but weren’t brave enough to ask for. The time has come to bring out the true inner beauty that lies deep inside everyone. Lime Crime has come to the rescue with cosmetics in vivid colors that look like they came from a Candy Land world. It’s time to show the world the beauty on the inside, and Lime Crime can help.

Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by make-up artist Xenia, better known as Doe Deere. Doe’s quest to find make-up that reflected her personality fell short, so she opted to create makeup in a spectrum of colors that can’t be found at the local drugstore makeup display. Lime Crime offers the shopper luminous lip colors with names like Great Pink Planet, Cosmopop, and Airborne Unicorn. The names themselves conjure up visions of a world where colors are only limited by the constraints of the imagination. Anyone can tap into the spirit of the universe through the Zodiac Glitter eye shadow, available in all twelve of the Zodiac signs. Not to leave the nails out, there are a variety of Lime Crime nail polish colors available in rich colors to match anyone’s mood.

It’s not just about caring about people, Lime Crime products are devoid of any animal-derived ingredients and none of Lime Crime products are tested on animals. Lime Crime is also constantly researching and refining it’s ingredients to ensure that only the safest ingredients go into the creation of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime has earned the Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certification and only works with manufacturers, who are willing to provide sworn statements as to the origin of their ingredients.

Lime Crime’s website seems more like a girl’s fun night out rather than a cosmetic store. There are real people, rather than generic models, wearing Lime Crime products. The Blog will educate you on how to create new custom colors using multiple Lime Crime products, and bring back some pop culture memories in the process. The LookBook has a playlist to put the shopper in the mood to be daring and allow their wants to overcome their needs. Take a chance, be brave, and choose a new color, and be amazed at the changes a little color can make in the world.

Slyce Has Improved Image Recognition Shopping

Technology has really changed the way we currently do things. Just a few years ago, things were being done differently. Currently, it is possible to use smartphones do so many things. Someone can take pictures and use them to match products in the internet. Image recognition shopping has been made possible, especially when the idea was brought in to the market by amazon. Slyce has come up too, hoping to bring more changes through the use of better improved image recognition modern technology, and right now, they have the funding to do perfectly.

When using Slyce, clients who are shopping will use their smart phones take photos of a product they are interested in a certain retailers stock. Unlike the previous technology created and developed by Amazon, Slyce will allow its users to take photos of items in real life and in any form. The kind of packaging doesn’t matter, so it is possible to take even a photo of a dress you see a friend wearing, and see if a certain retailer has the dress. Retailers are able to integrate this new technology in their native mobile phone apps, offering them the chance to match thee competitor items with something they can offer.

In the year 2011, Amazon introduced the Amazon Flow, an important app for iPhones that has really utilized augmented reality to give individuals to scan a photo of a particular product in the real form. It can actually be a book, a dvd, and when you do that, you are able to get information about the item using the app. This actually enables a shopper to compare the shops. Many people have not been able to realize this. And for the few who might have been aware about it, they probably haven’t noticed that there are more utilities that have been currently brought by the amazon flow. At the moment, Flow’s features are believed to have been integrated into the Amazon’s major mobile device platform, and this is actually a good and exciting thing taking into consideration its limitations; this is because the technology depends a lot on optical character recognition and the logo identification; the image recognition shopping through Amazon is actually limited to the products that are in their original packs.

When we consider Amazon’s disadvantages, it’s very easy to realize just how Slyce’s new modern technology can offer incredible changes in developed picture recognition experience. Fortunately, it actually seems that many people have started to realize the change.

Just the other day, the company, which is actually based in Toronto, managed to raise approximately $10.75 in their first round of the funding. This would be added to the initial capital funding of around $3.75 million which had been raised previously in May.

Antony Ressler Purchases Atlanta Hawks

The landscape of the NBA can change in the blink of an eye. Whether a team is suddenly relocated (Seattle Supersonics) or given a new name (Hornets) there is always something to keep an eye out for. Of course, there is also the much more common form of change in the NBA: ownership. While owners are looked at as the big suits in the world of professional sports, they still do manage to jump around quite a bit. Last year we saw two NBA franchises get sold in the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Clippers. These sales skyrocketed the values of all other NBA franchises along with the coinciding new television deal. The owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, saw an opening to make a nice chunk of change on his investment and he quickly cut a deal with Antony Ressler according to

Before the Bucks and Clippers were sold the NBA had valued the Hawks at around $400 million. After the sales the value of the Hawks skyrocketed to close to $900 million. Obviously Levenson would want to cash in on this value jump and there were buyers ready to grab onto the reigns. Antony Ressler is a billionaire who has been trying to get into the NBA for a little while now. He was initially priced out of the competition for the Los Angeles Clippers but the man didn’t turn tail from his dream of owning a team. When the Hawks went up for sale Ressler was there with a group of buyers including Grant Hill at his side. While many believe that Ressler overpaid for the Hawks, the man still is looking like a genius as he scores a team that seems poised for long term success in the NBA.

Antony Ressler made his fortune with an investment firm by the name of Ares while also working as a real estate developer. His commitment to converting his billions into an NBA team was finally realized and we can’t help but think that his passion and enthusiasm will pay off. So far what we have seen appears to suggest that the team will continue to be aggressive in their pursuit of another division banner. With Ressler willing to pay big money to get the team are we surprised that he was ready to spend money this off season?

The Hawks made it a priority to pick up the contract of their star power forward Paul Millsap. Millsap was coming off of an All Star year where he set career highs in a ton of offensive categories. Ressler handed him a 3 year contract with a built in player extension that included max money, effectively prying him from the pursuing Orlando Magic. A team looking to keep its payroll under wraps would have opted to pass on Millsap’s contract, effectively shrugging their shoulders as he moved on to a different roster. Yet that isn’t what Atlanta did and because of it we think the Hawks are looking to make another deep run.

Slyce Mobile-Commerce Application

Slyce is a smartphone mobile application that lets users take pictures of what they intend to buy and in an instant they are presented by similar items on the internet about the product in the mobile application. Amazon Flow was a previous similar mobile application that used to perform similar functions. In Amazon flow, the mobile used to scan for barcodes to match with those on the internet and bring results for similar products. It was constantly ignored by many people because it just did the simple thing that anyone can do by simply searching online for whatever you want. Amazon flow also had a limitation in that you could get proper results if the optical bar codes on the product or items were spoilt. It brings out the superiority of Slyce which can be able to scan just a picture of the product in place and brings out searches for related items.

Slyce features, however, heavily relies on optical character product recognition and also logo identification on the products, makes it superior to Amazon which is limited to the packaging of the product in their original packet. When you compare the two applications, you will be able to see how slice technology is wonderful and inventive to bring a better shopping experience to the world. Currently, retailers need to be updated or adapt rapidly to the dynamic ways in which customers are choosing to do their shopping. Slice technology tries to link customers with retailers on an online platform thereby reducing the world into a virtual showroom.

In an instance where you like a product, take a picture of it and open the app. Upload the picture on the app to recognize the product and directs you to a web page where you can purchase that product online. Concurrently the retailer is notified that a client is interested in purchasing that commodity. Slyce will act as an independent app that lets one identify commodities from specific retailers or it shall be integrated with other retailer apps to make the dream a success.

Mobile commerce has been the primary goal of Slyce as it tries to focus on marketing as it tries to develop partnerships with leading consumer brands and providing the technology as a mobile commerce solution. Mobile commerce has in the recent past become one of the leading sources of income and revenue for most retailers. Mobile shopping has accounted for over 30% of online web traffic during holiday and festive season. Slyce strives to make the both consumer and retailer by taking on both consumer position and of the enterprise solution. By offering visual search recognition technology, the vision of slice is to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the leading mobile commerce globally.

Selecting The Best Eyeshadow Hues For Your Eyes

The perfect eyeshadow can make your eyes really pop. Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed and frustrated when selecting an eyeshadow color that complements you eyes? These are a few suggestions for choosing the best eyeshadow colors for showcasing your peepers.

Blue eyes look especially striking against earth tones. A rose or pink is usually also quite flattering for beautifully framing your baby blues. One color that blue eyes should generally avoid is blue. You don’t want the blue of the eyeshadow to clash against your lovely features.

Brown eyed girls, you are quite lucky! You can look ravishing wearing just about any shade! So enjoy yourself by wearing bold and saturated colors to your heart’s content. If you really love to shake things up, try Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics Glitter Zodiac eyeshadows. You only have to consider you skin tone and hair color. If you have fair skin with blue undertones opt for a cool palette such as blue, purple or green. If you have skin with golden undertones, opt for a warmer colors such as pinks, corals, plums and golds. Brown eyes can wear brown eyeshadow fairly easily, just make sure that the shade of brown pairs well with your particular hue of brown eyes.

Green eyes look absolutely beautiful when they are accentuated by a lovely purple eyeshadow. Purple looks brilliant regardless of what skin tone you have. Traditionally lavender and lilac looks best on fair skin, whereas rich plum colors look best on darker skin. A beautiful shade of lavender looks stunning on all green eyes, whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. If you desire a natural look, green eyes are also complemented by earthy brown eyeshadow.

Hazel eyed girls have an opportunity to play up their eyes with just about any hue of eyeshadow. The color that you select will play up either the specks of blue, green, brown or gray flecks in your eyes. If you are feeling playful and adventurous, check out the dynamic pigments offered by Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics on pinterest.

Gray eyes typically have either a bit of green, blue or both. For example, if you have gray eyes with flecks of blue, a navy eyeliner and midnight blue eyeshadow could give your gray eyes the illusion of being blue. If your gray eyes have a bit of green, a stunning shade of purple could really look beautiful.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics offers saturated pigments that add a bit of intrigue to any eye color. The Zodiac Glitter eyeshadow collection has offerings like the stunning Libra, a beautiful purple hue that would look beautiful on a wide range of eye colors. If you tend to gravitate towards earthy colors, The Venus: Grunge Palette gives you a versatile book of eye colors including shades like Creation, Venus and Shell.

Though these are guidelines for what eye colors and eyeshadows pair best, rules were also meant to be broken. Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment with an unexpected color!

Frank Guerra New Co-Lead Counsel in Syngenta Litigation

PR Newswire reported this week that Frank Guerra has been appointed Co-Lead Counsel in the ongoing litigation against Syngenta Corn. Of course, the news is not surprising given the fact that his firm, Watts Guerra LLP, has been collecting claims against Syngenta for quite some time. In fact, they are estimated to have over 2,100 claims against Syngenta who is being held responsible for the drop in corn price in America. According to the litigation, the problem stems from the use of Syngenta’s genetically modified corn which was mixed into seeds. The issue caused corn prices to drop wholesale across America leaving many farmers that depend on their corn crops out in the cold.

Frank Guerra’s law firm has a long history of working to help bring justice to American workers and businesses. His partner Mikal Watts is known for closing a very impressive injury and death lawsuit against Pradaxa in federal court and was able to get all of the affected parties an astounding $650 million resolution. Watts has an equally impressive history of working hard to help American workers and he no doubt supports Guerra’s appointment as Co-Lead Counsel as the firm takes on another case.

According to the PR Newswire article where the appointment was announced, Guerra was appointed to his position by a judge in Minnesota and it is likely that the action will help to coordinate with other multi-district litigation that is also pending against Syngenta in Kansas.

Guerra commented that he is honored to have the chance to represent and bring justice to farmers in America that have been hurt by the actions of Syngenta. He explained that he worked on the family farm when he was a youth so he knows firsthand what the price in the corn market can do to a farm. He added that his law firm will work hard to make sure that every farmer harmed by Syngenta receives the appropriate financial reparations.

How To Edit a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia page creation is not a straightforward process. First, you will need to learn how Wikipedia works. Learning the ins and outs of Wikipedia will help ensure your page is approved and created. Read many articles to ensure your page won’t be challenged or deleted after you have submitted it for review.

Once you are armed with enough information, it is time to create a user account with Wikipedia. You must be a registered user to create or edit Wikipedia articles and pages. The process of creating an account is also straightforward. You only need to enter your real name and valid email address.

Start by making slight changes to existing articles and pages to test your editing skills. Start with pages that you are already familiar. If it is an existing content, start with areas of your specialization. By making small edits, you will be able to build your Wikipedia user profile and get familiar with site’s content.

A Wikipedia page cannot have a meaning without content. Begin gathering sources of the content that you want to create. Enough sources will save you a considerable amount of time once you embark of creating your articles. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, but not a marketing tool. So, everything on a particular page needs to be verified. The content must be factual, represented and unbiased.

Once you have created your content, you will need to format it to comply with Wikipedia requirements. You can either pasted your content into the Wikipedia interface and then format it or use a third party formatting tool to format it. Formatting the page using Wikipedia code is a little tricky even if you’re HTML savvy. Some of the third-party tools are also unreliable. You can hire someone to do it for you.

Get Your Wiki is one of the best Wikipedia writing companies that can help create or edit your Wikipedia page and content. This company will help you create articles that comply with Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. They produce Wikipedia pages that are supported by verifiable sources and references. The company guarantees that your page will be approved. In any case it fails to get approval; they will refund your money.

The final process of creating a Wikipedia page is to submit the page to Wikipedia for review. The approval process can take few days or even weeks to complete.

Taking The Big Slyce Of The Tech Pie

If you are somebody who is up on the current technology trends then chances are that you have heard of “Slyce” a Visual Search company with big plans. Many people are aware of Amazon and “Amazon Flow” a technology with largely the same concept. Yet the execution still leaves a lot to be desired. If you like things to work correctly anyway. That is where Slyce comes into the picture. The Visual Recognition Picture.

They are not looking to be just another app to compete with. They want to be the app that is commonplace for this tech. Probably the most practical and separating feature of the two is that with Slyce you can take a picture of any object. It does not need to be a package of any kind for recognition. Your buddy wearing some sweet kicks? Take a picture and find them in your size. It is really that simple. These are then matched up with competitors items for you to decide.

It is really the limits that are impressed upon the Amazon app that make it far less practical to use than Slyce. It is a welcome evolution of tech. There is also Amazon “Firefly” for Amazon Fire smartphones but it only allows you to browse Amazon for results. This giving Slyce the edge here as well.

Slyce is even raising the bare here by making it so that you can scan a barcode of the item and pay for it that instant. This is made possible by many deals and partnerships made by the company.

On this same note their answer to Amazons Firefly is “Pounce”. A consumer app that will make it possible for one click purchases on real in your hands items. This will surely be stiff competition if it gets rolling properly for them. There is even a sound recognition tech that will allow you to recognize and purchase music as you hear it in the real world. Awesome news for music fans.

Coming from a small startup in Toronto this company is sure firing on all cylinders as it stands now. Who knows what is next for a company as ambitious as this one is. One thing is for sure. If they continue to innovate in the ways that the company promises to deliver then success is imminent. This will be a technology that can and will change the face of commerce and the way we purchase goods and services in general.

Do You Know About S’well?

S’well is a company known for making reusable and fashionable bottles that are out of the ordinary. The company started humbly accommodating only two people, and the only extra space they had could only accommodate two persons. Today, the company has expanded to have the ability to employ more than 35 employees, and it is no longer a household name, it is a global brand that is respected for its creativity. The bottles are available in different colors and different finishes and shapes. They are also well known for being non-leaching, being non-toxic and being double insulated which helps keep liquids hot for not less than 12 hours and cold for almost 24 hours.

In 2013, the company introduced its bottles in over 120 Starbucks coffee houses in Austin, Texas and Atlanta. The bottles sold promptly, and the company did not need to do any form of advertising. S’well also got a lot of positive response from the same. As of August 2015, the company was planning to introduce 17-ounce bottles in all 33,000 Starbucks coffee shops countrywide. When it comes to matters philanthropic, the company is not left behind, and it actively donates to UNICEF to provide clean drinking water to children from all over the world.

Sarah Kauss is the founder of S’well. She started the company with her savings and her desire to make unique battles made coffee giant Starbucks notice her company. Sprouting from the same was a deal that changed her once humble company to a global brand. The Harvard Business School graduate was able to fulfill her business dream and play her active role in transforming the world to a better place. She is an excellent example of an entrepreneur who never gave up on her dreams to empower herself financially and empower the society by making environmentally friendly products.