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OrganoGold Brings Even More Healthy Coffee Options To Turkey

BusinessForHome reports the country of Turkey is famous within the coffee drinking community for being the home of the first ever coffeehouse in the 15th century. PR Newswire is now reporting OrganoGold fonder Bernardo Chua is planning on taking his own healthy coffee brand to Turkey in a bid to take advantage of the growing market for gourmet coffee in the region. Chua explains that the market in Turkey is growing and his version of healthy gourmet coffee can be used in the area to create a strategic position for distributing OrganoGold products across the globe.

Within the multi level marketing industry the name Bernardo Chua is one of the best known amongst executives in the market. Chua is a well known figure in the Philippines, where he has been awarded various government sponsored prizes and awards voted for by consumers, which shows the high quality of the products and service Chua expects from his products and employees. A move to British Columbia, Canada saw Chua launch the OrganoGold coffee recipe from a small coffee shop in the city of Richmond, which saw the direct selling expert build this business into a global empire spanning more than 30 countries.

OrganoGold believes the number of people within Turkey who are seeking out an active lifestyle and looking for healthier versions of classic products makes it the perfect choice for the company to expand into. Using the OrganoGold products allows consumers to enjoy the healthy effects of the ancient Ganoderma extract, which is infused into the products of OrganoGold and has a number of healthy effects based on ancient Chinese medical beliefs. Drinking the OrganoGold Ganoderma infused coffee allows a user to enjoy antioxidant effects and protect their liver from damage for prolonged periods of time.

Contribution Made by Shaygan Kheradpir in the Field of Business and Technology

Technology connects the world. Through technology, businesses have been able to realize their objectives in terms of marketing their products, collecting market information and communicating with their clients. Businesses have been able to record higher profitability margins as products can be sold to any interested consumer irrespective of his or her location in the globe. To this end, most entrepreneurs are utilizing technology to improve their brands and market their products to a larger consumer base in the market.
Undertaking of technology studies and business courses provides an individual with a better profile that propels one’s propensity of being employed by the Fortune 500 companies. With the growth of technology firms, there is the need for students to enhance their knowledge in different fields and eventually, they shall be able to utilize their skills in providing solutions to consumer problems. Given the highly educated workforce in the market, companies are looking for candidates who can handle different undertakings within an organization instead of only knowing one area of operation.
Shaygan Kheradpir is a business and technology expert who has been in the management of renowned organizations for long. He has traversed different continents and has been able to appreciate the cultural diversity existing in various parts of the globe. Shaygan went to Cornell University where he studied for his bachelors, masters and PhD in electrical engineering focusing largely on control systems. After his studies, Shaygan was able to find his first job at the GTE Labs located in Boston. At GTE Corporation, he focused on network routing as well as management and control. As he improved in his experiences, he was promoted to the position of the head of software systems. His star shone brighter as he started to recruit and build a top class corporation that led to the development of the country’s initial platform for network management at GTE. The platform called TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System) served to integrate infrastructure, switching and transmission at GTE Corporation.
With the merger between GTE and Bell Atlantic to form Verizon, Shaygan made a decision to move to New York City and soon after, he was made the president in charge of eBusiness Unit and later climbing the corporate ladder to become the chief information officer of the corporation. He repeated his feat at GTE Corporation by recruiting and assembling a shrewd team of talented and focused minds that comprehended the significance of collaborations as well as hastening the introduction of leading products and services in the market. While still working at Verizon, Shaygan transformed the profile of revenue of the corporation through an innovative IP and multi-media products through interweaving networking with web-enabled software. His immense contribution for Verizon saw the entity win different awards like the FiOS interactive TV, carrier-grade voice over IP, high-speed data and internet streaming.
Businesses have embraced technology to enhance their product and service offing. Students wishing to work in Fortune 500 companies should undertake different courses in order to fit in different areas of an organization. Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned guru in business and technology as he has seen the success of different corporations owing to his vast experience and expertise he has gained from working for diverse corporations.