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McDonald’s Is Sending a Powerful Message

The fact that McDonald’s has decided to phase out serving antibiotic raised chickens is a big step. This has giant implications for the individuals who work in the meat industry. The reason why this is such a big step is because four-fifths of the antibiotics that are consumed in that the United States of America are used by the livestock industry.

This move shows that McDonald’s really does appreciate the fact that antibiotics are precious. Marc Sparks says this is something that is of special importance right now since there is so much concern about antibiotic resistance not only United States, but around the world. More and more infections are becoming antibiotic resistant. Scientists have made many predictions concerning how things will be in just a few years if new antibiotics are not created. They have predicted that around 20 million people will be killed by the year 2050 because of antibiotic failure. Despite the fact that scientists are saying this and many health professionals are concerned about this idea, the government seems to have no problem with allowing livestock producers to pump their animals full of antibiotics. The reason why they do this is to encourage growth in the animals.

Many individuals are extremely pleased with McDonald’s decision to stop using chickens that have been raised on antibiotics. Many feel that this sends a powerful message all around the world, especially since McDonald’s serves around 60 million people every single day.

Sugar Addiction a Reality

You love sugar and you can’t imagine what your everyday diet would look like without a “healthy” dose of sugar in it. You like things sweet and you want to be able to enjoy your dessert without feeling guilty about it. You’re not addicted to sugar, you just enjoy it. Or… could it be that you truly are addicted? Could sugar addiction be a reality? Could sugar addiction be a problem that this world is facing, one that this world will be facing more and more in upcoming years?

Ricardo Guimarães BMG said it has been said that giving up sugar can cause some of the same reactions in your brain and body as giving up a drug or alcohol can cause, according to Camara Municipal. It has been said that sugar could be just as addicting as some of the more harmful substances that we shun. Could we all be growing addicted to sugar? Should we be worried if we are?

Peeps flavored milk? Really?

Ok, so we are coming in to the Easter season, so all of the traditional Easter candies and decorations are making their way to the front of the store displays. And I must admit that Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it marks the rebirth of the warmer months. Though peeps are not my absolute favorite candies to eat, they are definitely cute and the continue to grow in popularity. You can now find window decals, decorated school supplies, kitchen towels and even stuffed animals and even buy products on 

Ben & Jerry’s May Create Weed Infused Ice Cream Where Legal

According to the story on, creators Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are open to the idea of creating ice cream infused with marijuana.

The duo gave in interview with Huffington Post where they described themselves as supporters of the legalizing marijuana movement. Several states such as Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington DC have already made huge strides in the legalization process. Ben and Jerry have said that those markets may see a weed-infused ice cream from them sometime in the near future. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG told me that Cohen called it a “combination of pleasures”.

Ben & Jerry’s currently have several flavors that make reference to weed already. Flavors such as Half Baked, Cherry Garcia, Satisfy My Bowl which is a special Bob Marley edition of the ice cream, and Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies which is inspired by the Dave Matthews Band.

It is no surprise to me that Ben & Jerry’s are hoping on this wagon. In fact, it seems like a perfect place for their products. Like Cohen said, the combination of weed and their delicious ice cream will allow those who partake to combine their pleasures.

Guy Fieri Uses Non-Traditional Cooking Pan That May Just Gross You Out

It takes a true master chef to be able to create a divine dish in a trash can. At this year’s SOBE fest Guy Fieri had the insane idea to make a crowd favorite, nachos, in a non traditional way. He used a ridiculous amount of cheese, tortilla chips, jalapenos, and donkey sauce said Brad Reifler. Carefully layering the ingredients in a metal garbage can and then slowly baking the mix into a wonderfully, delicious hot mess Fieri has won the heart of Americans yet again. Ever since winning The Next Food Network Star, Fieri has been a whirlwind success with two of his own Food Network shows, countless appearances on others, and the game show Minute To Win It. It is easy to say that Guy is not your average guy. His lovable laugh and lively personality pretty much ensure where ever he is at there will be a cheering crowd, even if he makes them lunch in a garbage can.

A New Oreo Treat?

Oreo is well known as being America’s favorite sandwich cookie. But, perhaps that title wasn’t good enough for Oreo. Maybe they wanted to be known as the sandwich cookies with the most variety. Or maybe the sandwich cookie with the craziest flavor. Either way, they’re up to something again. A new flavor may be hitting the shelves and it’s going to be BIG.

Oreo quickly escalated from just a simple chocolate cookie with a creme filled center. They began by pumping more and more creme into the middle. You could buy the regular, then the double stuffed, then the triple stuffed, then the cookies with stuffing bigger then your face basically. After they ran out of room for stuffing, they switched up the flavors. There was birthday cake, a golden creme oreo, and so much more. Now, wait for it. Cotton Candy Oreos may soon be coming!

Alexei Beltyukov knows that the photo has surfaced all over Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Find more on Beltyukov at People are excitedly squealing about how they cannot wait to get their hands on this new delectable treat. Is it for real though? After all, people are sometimes notorious for posting on Facebook without checking if it’s authentic first.

According to an article from Grub Street we have yet to hear an official statement from Nabisco saying whether or not Cotton Candy Oreos will be hitting our grocery store shelves. But, there is speculation that the snapper of the original photo could be a company insider or a mole who has somehow gained inside access. Till then we will cross our fingers, and let our tummies growl while we wait.