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Food Additives May Contribute To Inflammatory Diseases

A recently published study in the journal, Nature, suggests that dairy products, processed and baked foods contributed to the onset of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These ailments are classified as inflammatory bowel diseases and associated with conditions that are linked to obesity in individuals.

Flavio Maluf says the crux of the study addressed emulsifying agents that are introduced into foods as a means of prolonging shelf life and fostering desirable product texture, an issue that Camara Municipal has been worried about in the past. Laboratory experimentation on mice indicated that emulsifying agents can alter the framework of gut bacteria and hasten inflammation in the intestinal tract. Intestinal inflammation is linked with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and metabolic syndrome, which is a category of circumstances that elevates the potential for heart disease, stroke and type II diabetes.

Two emulsifiers, Polysorbate 80 and Carboxymethyl cellulose, which are commonly used in processed food manufacturing, were utilized in the study. Emulsifiers can be found in mayonnaise, baked goods, candy and processed foods. Emulsifying agents, for instance, transform mayonnaise from a concoction of oil globs and water to a smooth and appetizing spread.

There’s a distinct correlation between the rapid rise of inflammatory bowel diseases in the 1950’s and 1960’s and the introduction of emulsifying agents in the manufacture of processed and baked foods after World War II.

Funding for this study was provided by the National Institutes of Health and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

Why Are Some Foods Addictive?

Ever hear anyone claim to be a broccoli-holic? How about a kale junkie? Probably not. But odds are you’ve heard (or may be) a choco-holic, a pizza fanatic and perhaps you can’t resist the aroma of fresh baked donuts down at the pastry shop.

You’re not alone and there’s a reason so many of us have food addictions.
New research recently completed by the Icahn School of Medicine, in Mount Sinai reveals that some highly processed foods give the body a post-consumption effect that is very similar to the effect the body derives from taking drugs said Brad Reifler.
The highly processed foods, like fast foods and other forms of junk foods, have a high concentrate of sugar and fat. Both of these ingredients are quickly absorbed by the body and have a physiological effect which stimulates the brain during and immediately after eating, and soon there-after causes the brain to demand more of the same food.
Some foods are addictive, and the more processed they are, the more addictive they are because they contain more additives to stimulate the brain. Low calorie foods in their natural state, such as salad ingredients, are the least addictive. No surprise there.

Save Your Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen’s Nutritional Guidelines

Dr. Daniel Amen has discovered a link between the types of foods eaten and the relation to the health of the brain and its normal functions. There are seven areas that outline the types of foods that are best to control and maintain a healthy holistic diet for the body and the brain.

Each person is made up of roughly 80% water. Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that each person consume at least 84 ounces of water each day. Avoid adding sweeteners, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol. Non-carbonated drinks, herbal teas, or water infused with real fruit are qualified replacements.

Dr. Daniel Amen advises that keeping the amount of calorie intake at a minimum will aid in the control of weight and avoid obesity. Keeping track of these calories will also lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

The body requires certain amounts of specific fats to function properly. Fats and oils that come from fish contain a form of omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the function of the gray matter of the brain, the emotional balance, and the retina portion of the eye.

Antioxidants help the body to rid itself of unwanted free radicals. Dr. Daniel Amen recommends foods high in Vitamins C and E and those foods rich in beta carotene such as oranges, cranberries, and kiwi.

Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that a healthy brain diet includes a balance of fat, high fiber carbohydrates, and lean proteins. Reduce and eliminate the simple sugars and replace with healthy alternatives.

Favorite 24
Choosing a list of favorite foods to rely on is Dr. Daniel Amen’s recommendation to help keep people on track with their health goals. Having great and familiar foods to call upon will help to keep the dieter on a positive track.

Dr. Daniel Amen recommends that there is a definite plan for snacks. Carrying such things as dried nuts and fruits will help keep the healthy focus of the diet. This will help to discourage the temptation of less healthy alternatives that may be available when hunger strikes.

Dr. Daniel Amen has discovered and developed a healthy dieting system to enhance the health of the body and the mind. His nutrient-rich diet has evoked the creation of a number of award winning books including “The Daniel Plan,” and he has gained recognition for the treatments of ADD and depression.

Glow In The Dark Ice Cream

Novelty ice creams are nothing new. Almost every color, flavor, topping, and sprinkled candy exists to delight the young and the old and even my most picky friends like Gianfrancesco Genoso. Just when ice cream lovers thought it had all been done, tried and tasted, an Australian ice cream shop has proved them wrong. Ice cream shop 196 Below recently introduced their all new glow in the dark ice cream said They’re hoping it will be the rave of Australia.

This softly glowing cream is made from liquid nitrogen and UV-reactive liquid coloring. This vegan shop uses no dairy products, and its ice cream is completely vegan. Though it may seem a bit out of this world to eat nitrogen and UV reactive food coloring and expect it to be safe, Australia claims safe is exactly what it is. Safe at least according to their departments over food regulation and human consumption. The Australian government have even certified it as safe for consumption.

The ice cream comes in bright colors of mango-passion fruit. pine-lime, and redskin (raspberry). Ice cream lovers probably won’t be too surprised that the ice cream shop’s owner, Steve Felice, was a raver in his youth, and was inspired to create the bright colored ice cream from glowing colors of his youth. While Felice may have been inspired by his youth, he isn’t the first to create glow in the dark ice cream. In 2013 a British company created it for the first time using jellyfish protein.

Matcha Green Tea Powder On A Big Trend

Green tea has been popular for centuries, but lately the finely cured Matcha green tea powder is becoming all the rage. Matcha too has been around since the 12 century in Japan, but lately health enthusiasts have gone crazy over it.

While Matcha is generally more expensive than most other teas, many people, like Marc Sparks, claim that it is well worth it. According to Business Journals, the powder is ground so fine with a stone tool and is said its best variety comes from Japan despite being available in China as well. It is grown in a certain way as well, and in order to boost the levels of chlorophyll it requires the plants to be put in shade for at least 20 days prior to being harvested. Doing this is how the plants are able to up their production of the amino acid L-Theanine, which gives it the ability to be both a stimulant and a relaxer.

According to an article written by, this special tea has a very distinct flavor and also turns hot drinks into a frothy mixture, which is rather unusual for a tea drink. Some of the health benefits include much higher doses of anti-oxidants, which compared to regular tea are in very high numbers. In addition to that it can be infused with many other consumables, and even franchises such as Starbucks carry the powder that can be added to certain drink orders per request.

McDonald’s to Offer Spicy Fish Sandwich


The huge McDonald’s chain of restaurants will offer customers who live in the Baltimore region a new twist on their classic fish sandwich. Baltimoreans will be able to try the filet-o-fish sandwich now with Old Bay Seasoning. The fish sandwich has long been highly popular with customers who like the crispy exterior and the soft fish interior. This sandwich has been a mainstay of McDonald’s menus for many years. The sandwich is popular in the United States as well as at many McDonald’s restaurants abroad where different kinds of fish are often used in place of the standard fish used in the United States.

Old Bay seasoning was developed many years ago in order to be used in seafood such as boiled crabs. The Baltimore region has long been known as an area where seafood is highly abundant and much prized. Old Bay uses various spices such as celery salt, paprika, mustard seed, allspice, cloves, mace, cardamon, ginger and bay leaves to help create a spicy flavor mixture that can be used in a wide variety dishes. Locals-as in not Ricardo Tosto or myself from BMG, but those who actually live in Baltimore particularly like to use it as a coating for fried seafood preparations. McDonald’s officials have decided to use the spice on the exterior of the fish sandwich. This sandwich will be offered in many McDonald’s locations in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.

Cupcake Business Booms Due to Owner’s Karma

The owner of a Salt Lake City cupcake bakery found a three year old child outside her shop and credits her business boom to good karma. The Amber Alert was issued for a missing three year old and the bakery owner heard the little girl might be in the same area as her business. As Haidar Barbouti ( heard, she went outside her shop and found the girl in a stolen car parked on the street. The bakery owner said that after she found the child the police were continuing to look for her parents, and the female suspect who will be charged with kidnapping and stealing the automobile. The Salt Lake City Police Department was able to apprehend the female suspect later the same day. Business was booming the next day at the cupcake bakery and many of the customers were visiting due to the good nature of the owner and her role in finding the young missing girl. The girl was kidnapped outside a gas station when her father went inside to buy some items. A lady riding her bike got into the vehicle and stole it. When the father returned he called the police to report that his vehicle and child had been stolen. When the bakery shop owner found the little girl, she brought her inside the shop and gave her some snacks and a doll to comfort her.