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Tiny Chefs Take on Dangerous Ingredients

If you are a fan of reality TV you have to be a fan of the show Master Chef Junior. This collection of mini-chefs compete with each other in live cooking challenges that would make many full grown chefs pack up their knives and go home. Not these little geniuses. They take on each challenge with what seems like nerves of steel for some seriously accredited judges.

In this week’s episode, the field of chefs is narrowed by two more kids who’s dishes didn’t quite make the grade. Seeing these hopeful little culinary perfectionists being sent home is heartbreaking every week.

This week the unfortunate tiny chefs were Mia and Kyler. Jimmy, the oldest of the children competitors, hung on to his position in the competition by the slightest of measures. This sounds easy to do but when the ingredients are as outside of the box as this weeks selection was, the pressure is tremendous. Flavio Maluf knows all about that kind of thing in his industry according to his Jimdo page.

The ingredient that was showcased was chosen by Andrew, who had won the last challenge. He was given a choice of alligator, snake, or snapping turtle to force on the other little chef’s to prepare for judging as he sat in the balcony eating a pizza.

Regardless of the ingredients that these Master Chef Juniors have to deal with, they are all up to the challenge and turn out some amazing culinary creations that are worthy of a restaurant menu.

Beneful and Healthy Eating for Your Dogs

When we think of our pets, we think of them as our children. As our children, we would want to do what’s best for them and give them what’s best. The way we start this is by feeding them what we believe is the best thing that we can think of for them to be healthy.

Beneful is one of the ways to start healthy feeding for our dogs. Beneful comes in a variety of different “flavors” so to speak. Beneful provides vitamin rich food flavors such as, lamb, chicken, beef or pork. There even flavors such as lamb and rice, barley, green beans and vegetables. These varieties come in either a wet or dry version, which I prefer mixing for my dog. He enjoys having a mixture of wet rice dog food with some dry chicken or beef.

Beneful can be purchased anywhere, whether it is a pet store or an online store or website. You can purchase the food in various sizes, such as 5 lb bags or even 20 lb bags. The cost of Beneful varies, however there are numerous coupons or codes in which you can save money on providing your dog with a healthy meal that they will enjoy each day.

Beneful also comes in many different snacks as well. Beneful makes dog food, that can be comparable to human food. Especially with the ingredients that help the immune system, such antioxidants and omega fatty acids. There’s also items that help provide energy for the dogs. Do animals really need something that would provide energy for them? Beneful has discovered as well as other dog foods that animals do need the same nutrients and vitamins as humans.

Beneful has designed many different formulas that assist in maintaining a healthy weight for dogs and keeping the nice shiny coat that everyone involves on pets. It also helps to build strong bones and muscles with the many different proteins and vitamins that are included in their dog food. Beneful provides dog food for every stage, since each stage in a dog’s life requires more of certain vitamins and nutrients, it’s important to get the proper dog food for your pet.

I believe that it is important to treat your pet with the love and care that you would any member of your family. This begins with healthy and proper nutrition, which begins with giving your pet Beneful.

2014: The Year In Food

There were a lot of delicious dishes that made their debut in 2014. These foods may remind you of a great time with family and friends, or a comforting night in with your favorite movie. Of course, these foods can make 2015 just as enjoyable.

For breakfast, check out the waffle taco from Taco Bell. The waffle is filled with sausage and eggs, and you can top it with maple syrup for a sweet and savory treat. Jack in the Box also makes a sandwich that is affectionately referred to as the Ultimate Stoner Sandwich. The breakfast contains chicken, hash browns, bacon and cheese on a croissant.

Red Robin, which is known for its tasty burgers and quality fries, also introduced the wine milkshake in 2014. It’s the perfect combination of wine and ice cream, and has made the restaurant even more popular, even if Laurene Powell Jobs has not tried it.

If you’re in the mood for pizza, you may want to take advantage of the Sriracha crust from Pizza Hut. To satisfy your sweet tooth, indulge in the caramel and marshmallow pizza.

Netherlands Researchers Grow Potatoes in Salt Water Fields

The growing population of the globe has led to massive developments in fields like crop research, bioengineering, and more. With the number of people on the planet getting larger every year, finding new and innovative ways to keep everyone fed is something of a problem that is going to require significant attention. Luckily, there has been at least one recent major breakthrough thanks to innovation and experimentation, but this one involved rethinking an age old problem.

Salt water was supposed to render an area infertile for produce, but one team of researchers in the Netherlands has discovered that potatoes will grow in ground fed by salt water, according to BBC News. Finding ways to utilize land once thought unusable for agriculture is something of a major shift, and if more crops can be discovered to be as durable as “salt potatoes,” the impact of the discovery will grow exponentially.

The discovery of growing potatoes in salt water saturated soil, with little impact to taste, offers an interesting take on the way agriculture was viewed for years. If additional areas could be opened up for farming and raising crops, the yields will increase and take a bit of the sting out of the overpopulation situation. Of course, Qnet says there is still a long way to go in the battle, but every small victory carries a major amount of hope with it. Eventually a very real solution could be the result of several small ones.

Why You Should Stop Washing Your Raw Chicken Before You Cook

It’s normal to wash your veggies and fruits before you eat them. In fact, experts and doctors recommend that you wash them. But should we be washing raw chicken before we cook it? Your mother may have taught you to take this precautionary step, but it has now been revealed that washing raw chicken is not at all safe.

The reason for this is that water splashes. When you wash raw chicken, the water and juices on the chicken can get splashed out of the sink. The deadly bacteria from raw chicken can be splashed onto your countertops, onto your arms and clothing and onto other food that may not end up cooked. In that case, you will be accidentally consuming raw chicken bacteria, and this can be dangerous. It can even be life-threatening.

The FDA says that the worst bacteria of all that is found on raw chicken is called campylobacter. Most people have heard about E. coli and Salmonella, but campylobacter is not as well known. On the other hand, if you get sick from this bacteria, you will never forget it. It can cause serious vomiting, diarrhea and other health problems. This scary bacteria gets to approximately 1.3 million citizens in the United States every year. It has also been responsible for over 70 deaths per year. The next time you are making a dish with chicken, forget washing it to stay safe, or at least that’s what CNET suggests.