Rona Borre is the CEO, president and founder of Instant Alliance. Since its founding, she has been on the front line of leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago land. She established her company in 2001, and since the establishment of the business, she has become one of the most recognized woman-owned business enterprises nationally.


                                                                  Rona Borre is the CEO,

Through her passion and hard work, Rona was awarded as the Enterprising Woman of the year by enterprising woman magazine in addition to the number of accolades granted to her agency.Nevertheless, Rona is a public figure who has been in the showcased on the media like the USA today, CNN, CBS 2 Chicago, CNBC, and Crain’s Chicago. This publicity has honored her most Influential Woman in Business by the National Association of Women Business Owners and business ledger.  More on


Rona is a learned scholar she got her BS in Business from the University of Arizona and using her knowledge that she gained from the university she has been able to touch many lives. She is motivated and passionate about delivering the best quality she can and aiding companies in accomplishing their goals.

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To be successful in life virtues like; humbleness, perseverance and straight are one of the few characteristics one has to adopt if he/she wants to make his life better. Rona is one of the few ones has to look into is a force to reckon and icon to recall.  Click this related link.


Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings – EFH has been providing customers with alternative financing solutions, giving capital against open exchanged stock to engage clients in meeting their specialized & personalized targets. EFH gives capital against the mutual open exchanges everywhere throughout the world. The association has completed more than 700 trades and traded over $1.4 billion USD in finances to date. The global association has its working places in nine nations that involve Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Ltd, completely possessed subsidiaries Equities First (London) Ltd, Equities First Holdings Singapore Ltd and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

The organization works in ensuring productive alternative for associations and high resource worth individuals searching for non-purpose capital. The organization also gives securities founded loaning services on the risk & future performance risks related with stocks, bonds, and treasuries. The association was built up in 2002 and has headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana with a satellite office in New York City. Equities First Holdings enlivened its growth in 2013 through arranged association with Meridian Equity Partners, which is a world admonitory & investment organization situated in London & Sydney. The association in like manner opened other workplaces in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. EFH’s overall workforce extended considerably in the midst of 2013.

EFH in like manner increased the extent of its base camp in the Market Tower at downtown Indianapolis, Indiana in the midst of 2013, growing its venture administration staff and operations. The specialized team was built to offer top-notch customer care operations, investment management and services. Presently, Equities First Holdings (EFH) keeps on adding to its operations while experiencing quick development. The organization is proud of long-lasting key accomplices who incorporate the world’s largest custodian banks, top-tier investment banks, top law companies and local & global jurisdictions. Via EFH’s direct formula, customers can get quick access to liquidity at affordable market rates by applying public market shares as security.


Wedding In The City

George Street Photo and Video’s main office is located in Chicago, Illinois, just 15 minutes away from Montrose Beach. The beach could be a great setting for a wedding. The breathtaking scenery can take the stress away from any wedding. It is also a great location for guests to have an extended vacation.

George Street,, has also another location in Manhattan, New York. Pretty much in he heart of the city with a 12 minute bus ride to Central Park. With so many places for a photo shoot, it’s the perfect place for any city-thriving wedding. From the Hudson River, to Times Square, you can choose how “city” you want your wedding to look. Another great thing about this location are the countless tourist attractions. From overlooking the city atop the Empire State Building to visiting every celebrity at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, New York is never a boring place!


Sleep Apnea Advanced Treatment with Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a prosperous and skilled doctor in the field of medicine. He majorly practiced dental that made him be top and well known and experienced dentist. He got his DDS from New York University College of Dentistry and as well a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology at Rutgers University. He is affectionate man when his career is involved, he began his dental practice in the year 1999, he was in charge of the Old Bridge Dental Care for over 10 years, and he dedicated his full time and energy to seeing and taking care of patients with the dental disorders and sleep disorders for over 20 years.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was known for his great job and effort in numerous times and he was awarded by the society for his work as a dentist. This boosted him therefore he started Dental Sleep Mater in the year 2004. The main objective of the company was to bring dentist and medics to help patients treating them with sleep apnea. He has educated a lot of medics in many ways on how to deal with dental problems and even how to give patients oral medication. Also in making awareness’ in the society in decreasing the odds of getting sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a health condition that makes someone not to sleep swiftly through making it hard for them sleep. There are other diseases that are related to sleep apnea which are Diabetes and strokes they are both dangerous and well-connected with sleep apnea. Over the years sleep disorders have emerged and rise therefore making a lot of people to wake up at night.Mostly those people who are affected with sleep apnea are the male gender in which the sign they have are having huge necks and being obese. Dr Avi Weisfogel is well experienced in matters concerning sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. As the founder of Dental Sleep Masters he teams up with other medics to find new strategies for treating a patient who has sleeping disorders.



George Soros Fears for the Current American Leadership

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and author. He is a renowned American patriot and a great supporter of progress and wellbeing of America. As an activist, he has played significant roles in American liberation. Considering his philanthropy activities, George has helped to cumber communism in Eastern Europe. He has also nurtured global organizations which are against corruption and repression. He applies new methods of fighting poverty and drug addiction and much more.

In his article, “Trump is a con man, and he will fail,” he states that Trump is on the opposite side of the open society which means that trump’s leadership is more of dictatorial than democratic on Snopes. Trump is justifying his actions by getting rid of the immigrants who have acquired the citizenship of the country legally. Having acquired the citizenship of a country means you are an accepted citizen of the country not considering where you have come from, and Trump is going beyond that by sending them back to their countries.

Trump also expresses his dictatorial character by getting in the way of the Muslims in the United States. The United States being a superstate should not deny some of its members the right to worship. Every human being should have a right to worship. People have different beliefs, and the fact that he hates Muslims doesn’t mean he should make America a non-Muslim country. George Soros is foreseeing that Trump’s possibilities of being a dictator are very high. The only thing coming in his way are the US law institutions because they are strong enough and capable of preventing such scenarios.

George Soros considered Trump’s ideas inherent and self-contradictory. This shows that Trump has poor advisors who are misleading him. His ideas should at least leave room for dynamics, but Trump does not consider this as an option.

George also said that it’s very easy to predict trump’s actions since he wasn’t prepared for the presidential seat. He didn’t expect to get that position, so he doesn’t have much to offer considering he has not been so involved in politics. George Soros is a businessman who has just jumped to politics.

In his article titled, “this is not the business time as usual, wishing you all the best in the world,” George states that apart from democracy issue on are going to be internal wrangles and that the minority are going to suffer most. He is also worried about EU being in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin who is against the open society on George is also foreseeing Trump allowing other dictators in the country enabling them to carry on their activities in the US without interference.

The Success of Dick DeVos

Of the many individuals who are not only successful, but are also generous, one individual in particular stands out due to the fact that he is a dedicated family man and he is a dedicated businessman who has only wanted to make sure that his customers receive the best service in addition to the best product. This individual is Dick DeVos, an individual who is truly dedicated to improving as well as expanding the family name of DeVos. Dick DeVos has followed closely along the path that his father took and has made sure that all of the decisions that he has made are decisions that will help everyone.


Dick DeVos is a successful member of the DeVos family, a prominent family that is located in Michigan that is loved by the community due to their generosity to the community and their ability to make the local economy grow. The DeVos family is the owner of Amway Corporation, an international corporation that has generated billions of dollars in revenue due to the household products that are sold to individuals all over the world without breaking the bank in the process. The DeVos family name is a growing name that has already received much recognition for the family’s generosity.


In 2012, Dick DeVos was recognized for his wealth due to the fact that he was named to be the 67th richest individual in the world with a net worth of around $5 billion. Dick DeVos, though a successful individual, believes that success is not defined by how much wealth is accumulated. Dick DeVos believes that success should be defined by what is done with the wealth and who it helps. Dick DeVos believes that those who accumulate much wealth on an annual basis should be extremely generous with what they give to organizations as well as foundations.


Of the many initiatives that Dick DeVos supports, Dick DeVos is the most passionate about supporting the education initiative. Dick DeVos believes that education is the key to economic growth and believes that every individual should have access to education. As a result of this belief, Dick DeVos has not only donated much of his funds to scholarships to deserving children as well as funds to help build schools across the United States. Dick DeVos believes that an education should be given to those based upon merit and not based upon the income of families.


Sujit Choudry Bridges Constitutional Transitions

Comparative law is a scholastic discipline, or an instructional subject of the contrasting legal systems and how they compare and contrast. This study is necessary in international affairs when different conflicts arise and different countries laws are involved. The United Nations uses comparative law when they need to compare different countries and those countries obligations. The process to forge the different constitutions of various countries together to address a variety of issues is a process that is still being molded and studied. “Professor Sujit Choudry is an internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law, who combines a wide-ranging research agenda with in-depth field experience as an advisor to constitution building processes.” (Berkely Law, Accessed 25 Jan. 2017


Choudry has published a variety of articles, books, and reports regarding comparative law and the practice of the constitutional development, see here. His written works address the topics of peaceful democratic politics, transitions from violent conflicts, and different designs to move from authoritarian rule to democratic rule. Sujit Choudry has created resources to aid the model of comparative constitutional law and how you can affectively organize the variety of different questions. Those questions help solve the topics of “constitutional design in ethnically divided societies; federalism, decentralization and secession; semi-presidentialism; constitutional courts; official language policy, minority and group rights.” (Berkely Law, Accessed 25 Jan. 2017


Aside from his many publications and written resources, Choudry is the founding director of the world first university-based center, Center for Constitutional Transitions, that creates and utilizes information that partners with constitution building. His knowledge has assisted the “constitutional transitions in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia.” (Institute for Integrated Transitions, Accessed 25 Jan. 2017. Choudry was appointed to the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel when key reforms were in process to the municipal government in Toronto. Also, in Canada, Choudry “sat on the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Ontario, one of the largest publicly funded legal assistance programs in the world. “(Institute for Integrated Transitions, Accessed 25 Jan. 2017.


Internationally, Sujit is recognized for his strategies in comparative law and his proposals to create building blocks for entrance, transformation, resources, and unity. And with his Experiential Education Taskforce, Choudry is spark-plugging resources for strategies at Berkeley Law in constitutional inventiveness. Comparative law is a necessary practice to bring together the variety of regulations practiced globally.




Why You Need Online Reputation Management

If you want to become successful in your endeavors, it is imperative that you have a reliable online reputation management system.

Every firm and professional must consider establishing a system that checks their online credibility effectively. With the Internet as well as social networks, people can easily gain access to information regarding any type of organization or person. Given that individuals tend to believe what they read online, if your online track record is not excellent it could have an adverse effect on your company and professional life. says it is extremely crucial that you find out more about the advantages of working with a reputation management company as well as have them handle this tedious job for you. You can relax and be assured that your reputation management account is well secured once you have a reliable reputation administration firm on your side.

Reputation management experts offer proven technique and tracking system to get rid of demeaning evaluations or reviews and promote positive information or reviews about your brand. These professionals have qualified digital advertising and search engine optimization professionals on their team. From the start, they detail which blog posts or grievances they can remove straight from a website, which problems they could delete or suppress from internet search engine results pages, and also all your options.

Experienced professionals remove problems and also negative evaluations that affect their clients’ credibility. Customers are extremely pleased with the top quality advice and reputation management solution they get from the specialists at a trusted firm.

Whenever feasible these experts will delete reviews and comments off of the web site itself. When this happens, the reviews or derogatory remarks will no more exist whatsoever, and could not be seen online.

Experienced reputation management teams have many years of experience in rendering reputation monitoring solutions, and have erased bad search results and bad news. They have great expertise in providing online credibility enhancing solutions for clients around the world. Reliable reputation management firms believe in sincerity, honesty and in been upfront about their capacities and the costs for their services.



Bruce Levenson Involved In Hawks Lawsuit

The Shakeup At The Hawks

After a recent shakeup of the Atlanta Hawks, owners are looking to sue the insurance company that promised to back them in the event of a loss. Recently, the Atlanta Hawks lost their general manager Danny Ferry. His decision to resign has cost the management team money, but the insurance company has not covered this loss. According to the team’s managers, such as Bruce Levenson, this decision contradicts the agreements the company made in a written agreement. Now, they are suing to receive compensation for alleged damages they have incurred.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a longtime owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He is also the foubder of the UCG. Inspired by his love of sports, he sought out a way to use his business acumen to involve himself in the sports he loved. Thanks to his wise decisions, Levenson is much wealthier, in fact he is a billionaire, and the Hawks franchise is much more successful. Levenson understands the importance of using his wealth to give back to others in need, so he has made philanthropy an important part of his Time. He contributed extensively to the financial endowments of the U.S Holocaust Museum and the Anti Defamation League, but there are many other organizations he has assisted.


The Influential Rise of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly esteemed medical professional in the field of cosmetic surgery. She has been represented in everything under the sun, from Fashion Magazines like Vogue and Teen Vogue, self help publications such as Cosmopolitan, Self, Shape, Absolute Magazine, and Health, specialty magazines like Dallas/Fort Worth’s Indulge and Bridal Guide, and scholarly productions such as New York Magazine and The New York Sun. Dr. Jennifer Walden has become world-renowned, and has been presented in a wide array of local media formats. Of these outlets are VIVE Magazine- Austin/ San Antonio, Austin Women, Austin MD Magazine, and Community Impact- Westlake. As well Walden’s image has been strewed across multiple magazine covers. TexasMD, Plastic Surgery Practice Magazines, Italian Vogue, Austin MD, and VIVE are among such covers. In June 2012 Dr. Jennifer Walden was even featured in Texas Monthly’s The Working Life column which was written by the outstanding screenwriter and exceptional journalist, Skip Hollandsworth. Through all of this fame, she has managed to maintain a humble attitude which is a feat in it’s own right! unsurprisingly Dr. Jennifer Walden has even achieved her own TV segment on Austin TX’s regional partner to the newly named ‘Freeform,’ KVUE-TV, which is entitled “Looking Good and Living Well With Dr. Jennifer Walden,” which she transcends at! That’s not all, she’s also made a name for herself through becoming a regular addition on the national TV news station Fox News and going on to feature in day time television like E!, 20 Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories, ABC’s 20/20, NBC’s The Today Show, and VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession. She even took the time from her all-important and extremely hectic business schedule to join in on CBS’ The Early Show to talk seriously and honestly about the FDA allowing for the general use of silicone breast implants. All in all, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an all impressive woman who is an inspiration to women everywhere, reminding them to believe in themselves and not let anyone’s negative judgments effect their potential to be great!