Drinking And Calories

It’s no wonder there are so many people who don’t seem to get enough sleep. When you look at how many calories are in some of the beverages you may drink, you might be surprised to find that they are equal to some other high-calorie content beverages. Some of the drinks that have the same caloric content as a bag of fries or several pieces of candy include a glass of wine. Many of the alcoholic drinks that you consume have several calories in them that you don’t think about.

These are calories that you get with only a small amount of liquid, so you probably won’t think about what you’re consuming until the beverage is gone. After four or five drinks, you’re reaching the territory of consuming the same amount of calories in the dinner of a male the size of Kenneth Griffin! Those who drink on a regular basis might want to consider looking at the side of the bottle before pouring the mixture into a glass, especially if they are drinking more so that they don’t eat all the time.

Turkey Day Without Turkey? A Vegan Dish to Love-Vegan or Not

Mark Ahn always feels that Thanksgiving has traditionally been about the perfectly oven roasted turkey that everyone waits for all year long. However, the health habits of millions of Americans has changed tremendously over the years. The trend has been to eliminate such things as lactose, gluten, and other elements that some people are allergic to or can not tolerate. But now the health seekers are going after the centerpiece of the table…the turkey.

Throwing a large dinner at Thanksgiving has become a long standing tradition that started when the pilgrims first landed here in America. Orchestrating this enormous and bountiful feast takes strategic planning and expert timing. Cooks everywhere who are able to pull this incredible feast off should be awarded a metal for their performances. If just the successful completion of this feast is not enough, now it is necessary for the chef to create and include dishes for the health specific portion of the dining participants.

This change in menu may involve nut allergies, lactose intolerance, vegetarian, or vegan needs. To complicate things further, the guest does not like squash, sweet potatoes, or root vegetables. The answer to this chef’s menu dilemma was a caramalized onion and fennel risotto. The dish was popular with the vegan guest as well as the meat eaters that also sat at the table. Through the desire to please a guest, a new traditional family dish has been invited to the table for years to come.

Delaware Ohio Branch of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Is Closed Once Again!

What’s a person got to do to get a decent rack of ribs these days? In Delaware, Ohio people will have to go someplace besides Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. The employees had enough of the management and their demands. Unified as a team, they all left quitting at once. Alexei Beltyukov read that they even posted a sign on the door for all customers to see. Is anyone shocked? Not really, this is the second time this has happened in the past year.

This is a corporately run chain, and perhaps higher management should look into what is going on at this Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location. This story has hit the news as bizarre, but it’s sad too. Because jobs are so few and far between these days, management thinks they can expect more and more from their employees. These employees had enough and the fact that the entire staff quit is profound. The sign they left said they loved their customers, but right beside it was a “help wanted” sign. So despite how much love they had for their customers, they walked out and someone else will take their spots.

Perhaps the cooperate office of Dickey’s will finally see that they need to do something about this location. They were understaffed and the demands on the staff were too much. So many companies are cutting budgets these days just to make it, but who it really affects is the ones who are still there everyday.

Doritos Flavored Mountain Dew?

Well, Doritos and Mountain Dew are both companies known for making crazy combinations. This latest combination is hitting college campuses all over Ohio. Dewitos, as this drink is known as, is orange with a ” strong Doritos aftertaste,” says Steve Barnes on Reddit.

PepsiCo says that they unleashed this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a smaller program at universities and colleges. It is a trial run, but those who know about it are betting that it will be in other venues quickly. With nacho flavored Doritos and Mountain Dew being about the two biggest junk food sensations of all time, together, they will likely be a big hit.

Not sure why the general public is always looking for a new flavor. Maybe it is just me but I still like drinking cola and eating vanilla ice cream. It may sound plain jane but if you find a flavor that works, why change it. It probably won’t be a big hit around the office at North American Spine. If people like Mountain Dew and Doritos together, why not take a bite of Doritos and a slug of Mountain Dew? Must we always try to take something good and make it easier?

Red Lobster Returns to it’s Values

Red Lobster is best known for fresh and delicious seafood but has a select few offerings that are not from the ocean. With sagging sales numbers, Red Lobster has decided to drop the landlubber’s menu selections. They hope that increasing seafood menu items and portions will increase revenues. These changes were announced right after Darden Restaurants sold Red Lobster to Golden Gate Capitol, a private equity firm with backing from Slow Ventures.

Not everyone who goes to Red Lobster is a fan of seafood, they may just be accompanying a fish lover. It seems to be a pretty risk move to take away the already limited options that didn’t involve lobster, shrimp, ect. Hey, if all else fails, people can just eat the cheddar biscuits for dinner….unless they are one of the items being cut. On the other hand, seafood aficionados might rejoice in have more options and more shrimp with their pasta. Soon enough we will see if the new menu is a smash hit, or a total flop.

Momofuku Milk Bar Offers the Thanksgiving Croissant

The Thanksgiving Croissant is a croissant that features turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy in a dough that is flavored with thyme and celery seed compound butter. The croissant gives customers all the goodness of Thanksgiving Day dinner (and leftovers) in a delicate pastry. Momofuku Milk Bar is introducing the seasonal treat again, just in time for the holiday season. The croissants are available until November 30. The Thanksgiving Croissant was released earlier than last year, and normally becomes available on November 1. I can’t wait to get one of these delights, Keith told me they’re unreal.

Chicago’s Alice Waters Introduces New Menu

Alice Walters, humanitarian and founder of Chez Panisse, has a prix fixe menu named after her at Chicago’s mk Restaurant. Chef Michael Kornick will present the menu, which includes seven courses. Nearly 30 years ago, Kornick staged at Chez Panisse. Guests can order from the menu until New Year’s Eve 2014. The Waters’ Edible Schoolyard Project will receive 10 percent of all proceeds from the prix fixe menu.

A Softer Side to Chef Ramsey?

I’m a big fan of cooking, and I have a Lulu account where I publish my own recipes, and friends like Brian try them out and give me feedback.  It’s that experience that provides me with insight into how some chefs could be really angry when they’re trying to create the perfect meal.

Most people know celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey as the angry, profanity spewing, frying pan tossing, chef from the hit reality show Hell’s Kitchen. However, it turns out the handsome chef might actually have a softer side. Ramsey appeared on the Tonight Show the other night. He sat down to chat with host Jimmy Fallon and related that he once cried when it was time to slaughter a pair of pigs his family had raised for meat.

Of course, Ramsey was also on the show that night to promote the new season of his family friendly reality show Masterchef Junior. It would make sense for Ramsey to show a little emotion while promoting a show that highlights the culinary accomplishments of children. That said, Ramsey did eventually relate in his pig slaughtering tale that he felt zero remorse the following day when he got to eat some incredible sausages made from the same pigs. Still, it was nice to see a bit of a softer side from chef Ramsey.

Ramsey is known for being a difficult brute. Beyond his tirades on his popular Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsey is known for stealing the reservation book from one of his own restaurants to gain publicity. He also talked publicly about his testicles on one memorable occasion. Notwithstanding, we may see more of the sensitive Ramsey in the future. Insiders say he really is that way privately.

Food Realities; Watching New Stars “Rise” and Shine

I am a huge fan of a list of reality shows. I have become obsessed with the shows about food. All of them. Some of my favorites include shows that involve a gaming aspect to them. And now I have a new favorite star after Brian Torchin showed me Carla Hall.

As I was watching the show “Top Chef”, my first impression of Carla was that, she definitely knew her way around a kitchen, but awkwardly. I am a faithful viewer of the Food Network Channel and I have watched a number of the food competitions. I have to admit that I was rather unsure of her future in the competition. But, she kept on powering through and squashing my doubts with her conquering every challenge brought to her.

Competing on a food competition show is only a portion of the cookie jar that Carla has her hands into. She has been a delightful presence on the food talk show “The Chew”, and she recently has taken on her latest and greatest accomplishment yet. To start up a restaurant in New York City. This takes a lot of “dough”, and Carla was able campaign to raise over $250,000 to get it started. Her biggest win yet!

Get Ready for Halloween With These “Healthier” Candies

Halloween is a time for dressing up, scary movies, fun decorations and candy. Most of all, Halloween is about candy, right? Most parents grab a few bags of the brand name candy that is set up at the end of the grocery store aisles for their families and trick-or-treaters. But if you’re someone who regularly does that, think again this year.

Most candies are unhealthy in general. This includes the so-called healthy brands that you’ll see below. The difference here is that these candies do not contain GMOs or genetically modified organisms. GMOs are linked to serious health problems. They are also organic and for the most part, gluten free.

First, try Surf Sweets candies. These include yummy gummy bears, gummy worms, watermelon rings and more. All of the Surf Sweets Candies are non-GMO, organic and gluten free. Next, try OCHO Candy Bars if you’re in the mood for something with some chocolate. These candy bars taste just as good as the brand name bars you know, but they are organic and non-GMO. Try flavors with coffee, peppermint, caramel and peanut butter! Finally, Go Naturally Organic Hard Candy Drops are flavored with authentic organic honey. They even have fun Halloween themed flavors!

Many people forget about their health goals and the health responsibilities they have to their children when the holidays come around. Halloween may be Marnie Bennett’s favorite holiday, but we need to remember this is just the start to the holiday season, and the onslaught of candies, cookies, snacks and fatty meals will only continue. Take care of your health and your children’s health by implementing these healthier candies into your Halloween routine. It will start a positive cycle of healthy choices for the festivities ahead.

Mystery Fish Stuns Party into Silence and More

Near the end of a sumptuous meal, people have found it difficult to move. Gorging themselves on a myriad of culinary delights, the air of satisfaction was often well worth. Now to encounter this before the end of the meal is unusual and should be a cause for concern. What exactly happened at a family gathering in Brazil to make headlines all around the world?

The Catch of the Day

For the most part, fresh is directly related to the word good. The flavors tend to come alive when fish are just taken from the sea. With that attitude in mind, what was caught in the nets was haphazardly prepared from the soup portion of the festivities. Unbeknownst to the family and Sultan Alhokair, one of the caught creatures was the notorious pufferfish. This is the same delicacy that requires chefs from the orient to train for two years before tackling. Instead, it was lumped with the other ingredients and served to the party.

The dish was known as peixada and some strange sensations started to follow. The fortunate started vomiting as their systems fought the toxins coursing through it. Others started having various muscle groups go into a paralysis. Faces numb, it spread to other limbs with medical attention soon to be sought. The tasty dish caused people to be carried to ambulances. The rush to meet the dinner bell will never be as rushed for this unfortunate family again.