Mighty Fortress Church Expands Their Knowledge for Others

There are many beautiful churches in Minnesota that provides a rich history, and has an amazing architecture to them.

Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Minneapolis, was designed in the Romanesque style of construction, with its twin square towers and brick archways. Warren H. Hayes, who was an architect, created this church in the late 1800’s.

Christ the King Catholic Church in Browerville, is one of the most historic catholic churches that was built by the Polish settlers. They settled in Browerville in the late 1800’s. It now displays the Baroque Revival style of architecture.

Church of the Sacred Heart, is a church that is a must-see in Freeport. It has the most elaborate interior of any church in Freeport. People are encouraged to see the beauty of its design inside.

Mighty Fortress Church, is a Christian religious organization that helps people have a special relationship with Jesus. They help anyone receive messages that focuses on successful Christian living.

The atmosphere at Mighty Fortress Church helps encourage people to be feel welcome by a warm experience. People can feel inspired by worship and weekly scriptures. They spend their time centering on God, and what He has done for helping people’s lives.
Their Church helps to keep true answers for life’s hardest encounters. The door is always open for everyone to attend.

Bishop Thomas Williams is a visionary leader who has been working in ministry for over thirty years. His ministry highlights the downfall to the problems that the world faces today with disease, sickness, moral decay, and even the revolt against God.

Bishop Williams is the founder, and president of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. He works as the senior pastor at Mighty Fortress Church.

Bishop Williams has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis, and a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He got a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University, and Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Bishop Williams also has two Doctorate Degrees from St. Thomas College, and from Midwest Christian College & Seminary.

New Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palette

Lime Crime has been a cruelty-free, vegan makeup sensation since 2008 which aims to please their growing fans and now they have just launched an exciting new product based on the doll toy hit that was hot in the ’90s.

The new makeup case was modeled after Polly Pocket, those fun tiny toy dolls that lived in cute small portable homes that you could carry around in your pocket as the name suggests. Lime Crime now brings you a new way to enjoy your pocket toy experience while giving you fun new colors to make you glow. Whether it’s experiencing Polly Pocket for the first time or relive the exciting moment all over again, Pocket Candy Palettes has launched, September 19th, and now anyone can add it to their own collection.

 You can play and look glamorous

The bright pastel color cases will leave you feeling nostalgic, like the days when you had Polly in your pocket only instead of toy dolls they carry shimmering shades of eye and cheek colors that goes on your complexion like smooth silky butter.

Each Pocket Candy comes with its own complimentary mirror so you can put it on anywhere at any time without having to rush to the bathroom.

There are three shades to choose from, Bubble Gum, Sugar Plum, and Pink Limon, which includes five bright and neutral colors for you to get creative with so you will never get bored.

As you would expect from any LimeCrime makeup you get an array of vibrant shimmering colors carefully created with highest quality natural ingredients that will always work together in perfect harmony to make all your features pop in a burst of bright glossy colors.

The best part is you can fit this all in the pocket of your favorite jeans and bring it out anytime you want to touch up some color.

You can buy one of these amazing Pocket Candy palettes for $34 or if you plan to get all three of them anyways you can save a bunch by getting the bundle for only the cost of $90.

Rocketship Education Gives Opportunities To Low Income Students

Preston Smith, the founder and CEO of charter school system, Rocketship Education recently penned an op-ed at the online publication called San Jose Inside. The founder of the innovative charter school system which now has over 18 schools across the United States, described how his schools are helping create opportunity for low income students.

Mr. Smith started off by mentioning that children born to poor families in the 1980s in San Jose still had a good education available to them. They had plenty of opportunities available to them according to studies done by Harvard University and an article in The Atlantic. Today, there is a different story. Low income families and their children have little opportunities.

There is now a segregation between the wealthy and the lower class in San Jose. Housing prices have also increased sharply and there are few if any middle class jobs left. All of this creates a dismal outlook for the students of San Jose’s poorest social classes.

The obstacles are many, but Preston Smith believes that there is a remedy to this problem. It involves giving students the opportunity at an excellent education. With an excellent education, students can take a path out of poverty by attending college and finding employment.

Rocketship Education is helping to address these issues. It is a non-profit organization that consists out of public charter schools. There are schools in the San Francisco Bay area, Nashville, Tennessee Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. Rocketship Education public charter schools serves the K-5 grade age.

One of the ways that Rocketship Education is improving education is by fostering collaboration between teachers, parents and community organizations. When outside groups and parents are involved, the road to success for low income, minority and English language learner students are increased dramatically.

The efforts of Preston Smith and the Rocketship Education is paying off. Since he created his first public charter school in 2007, an additional 25 public charter high schools have been opened up in the San Francisco Bay area. A study conducted by Stanford University also found that charter schools like Rocketship Education help low income students gain an additional month’s worth of reading and math curriculum for every school year a student is enrolled.

Impressionable Facts about Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest independently owned global credit advisory firms. The enterprise has over the past twenty years played a huge role in offering people with solutions to deal with their financial issues. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has successfully established its operations in many countries including Singapore, New York City, among many others. Together with its vast number of registered affiliates, Highland Capital Management has successfully gained control of assets worth approximately fifteen billion dollars. The firm’s team of employees has extensive knowledge and skills to effectively ensure that all the dealings and operations that they conduct end up safely.
The company is highly committed to offering the most efficient and consistent financial solutions to its clients. Innovation has always been part of the company’s policies, and with their great team of employees, highland capital management seeks to employ modern tactics while carrying out their operations to ensure that they address the various needs of their customers and that they move hand in hand with the ever-changing market trends.
The firm places a high value to its customers and has a profound dedication towards providing them with a broad range of services to meet all their demands. The company’s diversified client based products and services include public pension plans, endowments, institutions, among many others.
Highland capital solutions are not only dedicated to offering financial solutions to its clients but are also committed to investing outside financial markets. The firm has received a lot of accreditation for its great contributions towards improving the lives of many individuals. Highland capital management has taken part in a vast number of volunteer programs as well as charity organizations with the aim of shining light to the lives of the disadvantaged individuals in the society.
Diversity has always been part of highland capital management firm and has helped its clients make informed decisions through their provision of access to multiple asset classes before conducting any deals with them. With its great team of employees, Highland capital management has developed unique strategies to ensure that the firm’s operations go on smoothly.

Boost in Brazilian economy and its benefits to companies

Recently, the Brazilian economy has been boosted in response to the various new policies that the government has adopted. At the start of this year, it was announced that the government has planned to give subsidies to those enterprises that have been working for the welfare of people and the development of the country. The government has collaborated with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development in order to give concessions to these companies. In lieu to this, Felipe Montoro Jens took an interview with Edison Carlos who is the president of It Brazil. This company has always focused on providing basic sanitation solutions to the public of Brazil. The prime purpose of the interview was to highlight the benefits the sanitation industry will experience due to the new governmental policies being implemented.

According to Edison Carlos, the new allowances that the government has decided for the companies will help the sanitation industry with the new funds that can be used to bring new developments in this field. More than ninety percent of the total sanitation work is done through public funding. This trend needs to be changed. The new grants will help the industry to get more resources to undertake the projects on a very large scale. The administrative aspect of the companies will also be benefitted from these funds. The National Bank for the Economic and Social Development will cater each and every company individually so that their financial needs can be met and they can progress well in the industry.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known figure in the Brazilian infrastructure industry owing to the fact that he is one of the boards of directors of a very famous engineering company. He has plenty of knowledge regarding the Brazilian economy and regularly takes up interviews to get more information about various aspects of the country.

David Giertz Provides Tips on Enjoying your Life Responsibly After Retirement

It is no surprise that individuals who have retired or are on the brink of retirement tend to save money rather than spending it. They want to ensure that they have enough money when they retire so that they are not depended on anyone else. They also want to spend the rest of their retirement lives they way they want, and they need money for it. According to David Giertz, it is possible for retirees to spend their money and still save enough to live their lives on their own terms.

It is often seen that retirees skip going on vacations with their families or friends just because they would have to spend money from their cash reserves. Since they do not have any income, it seems like a bad idea. But, the truth is that by being a little-disciplined one can easily enjoy their lives without having to overthink about their money. David Giertz believes that a person saves money for a good life and if they do not spend it after retiring, it is of no use. Since people spend their lives working hard and staying away from families for hours and days, it is important for retirees to enjoy the money when they can.

David Giertz is one of the top financial advisors in the country and is an expert in retirement planning. He has a BS degree from the Millikin University and an MBA degree from the University of Miami. He has led the Sales and Distribution department of the prestigious Nationwide Financial for many years.

Before earning a job at Nationwide Financials, David Giertz was a financial advisor at Citigroup and also became the Executive Vice President of Sales before he moved on for better opportunities. He is also involved in many community service programs and is part of many non-profit organizations.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Partnership with LabCorp and the NFL Alumni Association

Cancer is today’s most elusive diseases, consisting of rogue cells that eat healthy tissues in victims’ bodies, causing them to slowly lose energy and eventually pass away, even with treatment. Prostate cancer, in particular, is often cited as the second-deadliest cancer for men, second only to lung cancer.

Fortunately for men around the United States, the National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LabCorp are forming a team that covers the full cost of 2,000 prostate screenings, then pays a large chunk of the cost of every man after the 2,000th person, reducing their bills for prostate specific antigen tests. The tests aren’t incredibly painful, awkward, or require heavy sedation, as only a small vial of blood is needed to detect the metabolites associated with prostate cancer’s existence or that may increase the likelihood of coming down with the disease.

The NFL will market this offer with a campaign called the Prostate Pep talk, featuring three legendary NFL coaches among the likes of Bill Cowher and Herm Edwards. They will run on television networks and be available for viewing on the Internet through October 15th, having started on September 1st.

All men older than 39 years of age are eligible for the free and discounted prostate specific antigen screenings, typically referred to as PSA screenings by doctors and healthcare professionals, all that’s required is a visit to any one of the 1,750 LabCorp facilities around the United States, most of which are located near a majority of people in the United States.

The American Cancer Society, the go-to for cancer statistics in the United States of America – if not the world – indicates that there will likely be 161,000-odd new diagnoses this year alone. Men that are black, have family histories of cancer, and are over 40 years of age have the highest chances of positive diagnoses.

Four Things of Importance to Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a webwork of eighteen public charter schools situated all across the contiguous United States. Typically shortened to the acronym RSED, Rocketship Education was created by Preston Smith in 2007. As far north as Wisconsin, west as California, and east as the District of Columbia, these K-5 schools are placed in sectors that are particularly economically disadvantaged. Being newer than most schools at 10 years of age, different in structure than others due to its charter status, and positioned in areas within the United States that virtually couldn’t be any farther apart, contemporary chief executive officer Preston Smith has learned a number of things about educational administration and operation.

Here are four lessons Smith has learned that every teacher, administrator, school board members, and everybody else involved with education can apply to their specific situations.

Bring parents into the mix

RSED relies on parents to screen instructor and administrator applicants. Children tell their parents things that nobody else is privy to. As such, when combining existing administrators with several parents on an interview panel, Rocketship Education is a better able to gauge the prospects of incoming candidates.

Disabled children should be included more often in general education classes

RSED employs a meaningful-inclusion model in which disabled students spend at least 80% of their time in general education classes. This has a number of benefits on both disabled students and their healthier counterparts.

Take advice from everyone, even those who aren’t educators

As Rocketship Education is a charter school, private investors can pour money into each facility and expect their money back, rather than donors who don’t get anything in return. RSED employees should take advice from everybody and value it. Whether they end up using it or not is their decision, but they should at least contemplate such input.

Home visits are important

At least once every school year, each teacher visits every single one of his or her students inside their homes, with parental or guardian supervision. Considering that Rocketship Education is known for its highly personalized educational plans, teachers are better able to mold lessons to individual students by knowing how they live: length of quiet time they have each day; their attitude towards learning devices; what pedagogical approaches they’re not keen on; etc.

Matthew Autterson Helps People See Potential

Matthew Autterson has always been able to help people and has done his best to ensure that he is helping others. As a philanthropist, he knows what he is able to do and knows that a lot of the things that he does are able to make life better for the people who he is helping. This is a huge part of his career and it is what has made him so successful. He knows what he can do and he tries his best to give people the opportunities that they need no matter what they are doing or what type of issues they are going through.


Since Matthew Autterson first started working, he has always had a passion for philanthropy. He knows that it is important to help others and he has tried his best to be able to show people what will make their lives better. Because of this, he does his best to help people and he knows what it means to be able to show them what they are able to get out of different situations. Since he has done this, he has been able to try different things and make life better on his own.


Now that Matthew Autterson is running a biomedical company, he is helping even more people than ever. He has tried to show them what they can get and how things will get better no matter what type of issues they are going through. He has also done his best to show others what they can get out of the situations that they are in so that they will be able to experience a more positive life even if they are in a wheelchair or have a neurological disorder. He wants them to be happy and healthy no matter what is going on in their lives.


As Matthew Autterson has learned about the different opportunities that people have, he has been showing them what they are able to do and how their lives can get better. He has also tried his best to ensure that more people are getting the options that they need and that they are going to be able to experience more out of the situations that they are working in. Matthew Autterson tries his best to experience everything that will show people what they can get. He wants them to realize that they have a lot of potential in different areas.

The Philanthropic Businessman, Gregory Aziz

From dominating North Americas top business rankings to promoting local theater works, Gregory Aziz is an all rounded respectable man. His contribution to Canada’s transport services has been of significant importance for about 23 years. As the current Chief Executive Officer at National Steel Car, his achievement track record is impressive, demonstrating his passionate and committed nature.


National Steel Car company’s existence is traced from the early 90s century. It was originally owned by Dofasco. Back then, railway transportation had taken over as the efficient goods and passenger transportation in Canada. Gregory James Aziz purchased the company with an aim of expanding it in terms of service production and distance coverage. As a man of vision, Gregory James Aziz procured the company in 1994. Through effective leadership skills and market experience, he maintained National Steel Car legacy as the top Canadian railroad company in goods transportation. He also managed to cover the entire North America’s economy leading in railroad production and engineering services.


The 68-year-old CEO is celebrated as a hero in his home town of Ontario. This is through his philanthropic nature by contributing in supporting various societies through charity contributions. His academic background is traced from University of Western Ontario. His success in business is an outcome of his studies as he was an economics student. As a bright young man, he applied his economics knowledge in supporting the family’s farm named Affiliated Foods. He transformed it from just a local wholesale supplier to a renowned regional supplier with markets from international countries including South America. The 16 years he spent in the family business was the genesis of his success. He also ventured in the banking business for more than a decade. He was able to gain experience and capital that enable him to acquire the National Steel Car.


Various business leadership lessons can be learned from Gregory James Aziz. He deployed the best-skilled employees in the steel engineering market. He also managed to unite them as a unit through team building practices. This includes an annual Christmas party for the employees and their families. With a solid team working for him, the company’s standards were recognized internationally. In 2008, he received the leading North Americas certification by The International Organization for Standardization. He managed to maintain the position for an impressive 18 years consecutively. The company has won many awards including TTX SECO.


In the local scene, he ensured his local town of Ontario receives benefits too. Through the growth of the company, he created over 2000 job opportunities for the locals in a period of five years. He also increased production rates manufacturing over 8500 railcars annually. He greatly promotes Canada’s agricultural sector through sponsoring the trade fair and charity programs in Hamilton Opera among others.