Bustle Tries Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner Treatment

Emily McClure at Bustle was set on a mission to go forth and try WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner to see what all the fuss made by the QVC commercial about it. She learned some worthy information all while getting her hair in tip top shape.
McClure’s first few days using the no shampoo method, this is needed for the cleansing conditioner to work, were a bit rough. She felt her roots were oily and despite the effervescent shine her hair gave off, it just felt limp. By mid week, her attitude seemed to have come full circle. She even received numerous compliments from friends after a night out. “Your hair is so shiny!” One of them stated.

Sephora.com’s sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner product seems to weigh down straight fine hair, like McClure’s, it’s still able to protect and nourish hair whether it’s dyed often or frequently subjected to a straightener and curling iron. The 10 dollops from the dispenser may seem like a lot, even if you have short hair, but it’s necessary. There is no shampoo involved when using the cleansing conditioner so your hair needs the protection.

The Wen Hair product line is meant for any hair texture and style out there. Chaz Dean created the cleansing conditioner for those that want to awaken their hair’s hidden potential. Wen by Chaz is revolutionizing hair care products around the country. It all started when Chaz Dean left photography to become hair stylist to the stars, his love of photography is what inspired him to treat hair and show the rest of us how to achieve the tresses of our dreams. Now working in his salon called “Chaz Dean Studio” he is able to give what celebrities call a “haven” specifically because it keeps out paparazzi and prying eyes.
WEN hair FAQ’s here: http://www.wen.com/faq.html
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Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler Shares His 5 Tips For Investing

Investing can involve feelings of fear or greed that can cause you to make mistakes. The wise investor continues to follow a prudent plan to maximize his profits. He does not divert from this strategy. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler shares his 5 tips for investing during a Reuters press release.

“New Accredited Investor Definition”

Have you ever heard of the “Accredited Investor?” According to Investopedia, the “accredited investor” is deemed to be “financially sophisticated” under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. This investor could be an individual, hedge funds, banks, insurance company or trust. In layman’s terms, this might refer to the 1%.

Many Americans believe that Wall Street is a democracy where all have the same investment rights. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler shares his insights on how he discovered that his own father-n-law could not follow the proper investment strategy because he was not a member of the 1%.

“Brad Reifler Investing for the 99%”

During the Reuters press release for “Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing,” he recounts two interesting personal stories. Many modern investors can associate with Brad Reifler’s account of investing in a “529 college savings plan” for his children. Eventually, the college “fund was actually worth less than what he started with.” During the 1980s, the sky-high interest rates made investments and savings much more lucrative. In 2016, inflation has made it difficult for the 99% to keep pace.

Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler also ran into problems when trying to invest for his father-in-law. His father-in-law did not qualify as an “accredited investor.” Brad Reifler said that previously he had focused on providing services to the accredited investor with income above $200,000 per year and a net worth of more than $1,000,000 (not counting their home.)

“Five Tips for 99% Investing”

Many of the top high-end 1% are involved in “High Frequency Trading (HFT)” or hedge funds. Neither of these markets may be available for the regular investor. The 1% may try to make money on rapid stock price changes.

For the 99%, Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler affirms the following 5 tips for investing: 1. Risk Assessment, 2. Safety, 3. Keep Cash on Hand, 4. Study Money Manager and 5. Goals. Don’t invest money that you cannot lose. You will also want to find a money manager who shares the same investment philosophies.

Since June 2009, Forefront Capital Group has been offering boutique banking and wealth management services to its clients on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis. The firm offers portfolio management and banking services for individuals, advisors, distributors and global institutions. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler offers financial services for the 1% and 99%. Brad Reifler can be found on Twitter where he provides much needed financial advice to those in need.

Do Good and Feel Good With QNET

I love an opportunity to do good in the world. I especially love an opportunity to do good and improve myself at the same time! I recently heard about a program QNET is sponsoring to get clean drinking water to disadvantaged children with your help. What do you have to do? Think positive thoughts.

Does it sound too good to be true? Gandhi inspired the idea of “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.” In response, QNET created the RYTHM project to do exactly that. By focusing on the positive, and contributing positive thoughts, you will be raising yourself and providing clean water to the world.

Sounds great! So what to you do? Go to the QNET’s Facebook page and post a positive thought to the Positive Thoughts Project page. After 500 positive thoughts have been posted, a HomePure Red water filter will be donated to Taarana school in Malaysia. After a second 500 positive thoughts are posted, a second HomePure Red water filter will be donated to Rashid Center, a school for the disabled in UAE. All you have to do is write a positive comment, and QNET will do the rest!

In exchange for focusing your mind on positive thoughts, you get to give someone else health and life.

QNET, the company sponsoring this program, has a long history of working to improve the world. Working locally and internationally, they truly improve the lives of the needy.

I am so inspired by QNET’s deep commitment to genuinely help others as a corporate policy. I am deeply touched that companies exist that act as responsible corporate citizens, and I am so glad that they work to improve the world in which we all live.

QNET is offering this program for only a month, so you need to act quickly and start thinking positively now. You can contribute three positive thoughts to the program, but keep thinking positive thoughts infinitely. Positive thoughts improve your outlook and your happiness, and they reduce stress and improve your health. Positive thinking might even inspire you to create another amazing program to improve the lives of other citizens of this planet!

Stephen Murray Continues To Be A Shining Star

Stephen Murray is a famous man in the world of business. Mr. Murray is the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital, a financial firm that spun out of JPMorgan Chase and Co. The investor and philanthropist is known for his role in the management of the private equity firm that specializes in Middle-market buyouts and growth equity transactions. Mr. Stephen Murray began his career after graduating from Boston College in 1984, where he was awarded a degree in Economics.

WSJ reported that the year 1984 saw Stephen Murray join Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as a credit analyst as part of a training program. He later joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989 which was formed from the combination of Manufacturer Hanover’s private equity and the leveraged finance unit of the firm.

In 1991, Chemical Bank acquired MH. Stephen Murray went ahead to receive a nomination as the head of buyout business in 2005 at JP Morgan Partners. According to Patch, Stephen Murray went ahead to be the co-founder of CCMP Capital, where he later became the CEO in 2007.

Nypost posited that Stephen Murray has been involved in the running of various companies through his devoted service to the boards of the firms. Among these firms are AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., Pinnacle Foods, Generac Power Systems among others.

Following in the footsteps of many great businessmen, Stephen Murray was a great philanthropist. His philanthropic works can be seen by his support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York, Stamford Museum, Boston College and Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray has been called many things by many people. In the words of CCMP CEO Greg Brenneman, Murray was a ‘terrific investor and deal maker.’ Stephen Murray has surely left his mark in the world of business as well as the lives of his colleagues and clients.

Igor Cornelsen Will Help Investors Make More Money In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is the right person to talk to when people are trying to invest in Brazil, and he shows them how to make money using his most basic platforms for investment. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to make money on the process, and they can learn where the best places to invest are. Brazil is a place where people are going to be able to invest in up and coming businesses, and it is going to produce an income for people who want it.

There are some people who are going to be able to get the help that they need when they follow the first steps from Igor Cornelsen, and they will learn how to research every investment that they make. There are a lot of people who are going to need to know what the businesses are going to do when they are building new buildings or starting new offices on houzz.com. The offices that people start are going to be very profitable if they have a lot of potential, and it helps to talk to someone who already knows what the potential every company has. These people have jobs with these companies, and that teaches them what they need to know about the companies.

Igor Cornelsen also knows what it is like to invest in Brazil on a paperwork level. The paperwork in the country can be a nightmare for some people, but it is much easier for someone like Igor Cornelsen to handle. Igor Cornelsen knows how to manage all the different rules and regulations that are involved in the investments. The country has its own rules that Mr. Cornelsen is familiar with, and the country have a currency tax that everyone needs to be aware of. Getting information on thestreet.com on those things first helps everyone make sure that they are doing the right thing when they start investing.

People who start to invest with Igor Cornelsen need to make sure that they have all the information they need before they start investing. Igor Cornelsen makes the process easy for everyone, and he makes sure that it is simplified for the people he works with. He gives advice on the companies in the country that would seem to offer the best profits, and he knows how to help people choose where to invest. He acts as broker, colleague and mentor when people need it.

WEN by Chaz Conditioner Successfully Passes a Hair Stylist’s Test

Good-looking hair brings out an appeal that attracts the sight of onlookers. Therefore, most people try different hair care products to achieve good looking, bouncy, and shiny hair. Emily Mc Clure is one of the people who is not shy about testing any hair care product that captures her interest, in particular through the infomercials on television.

She recently shared her seven-day experiment with the famous WEN hair conditioner. Out of the many formulations of WEN hair care products, she chose the Sephora sold Fig formula in a bid to help her hair gain moisture, shine and bounce. Before beginning her test, she noted that the product came with various conditions for use depending on the size of each hair type. The amount recommended for her hair made her skeptical about the product since she was used to using a smaller amount of shampoo.

Mc Clure gives a detailed account of her experience for the seven days including before and after pictures of using the WEN conditioner. Though she noticed that her hair roots became greasy, she liked how the product made her thin hair feel thick and shiny. In addition, she praised the product for achieving its promise and recommended it for people who like taking their shower in the morning rather than in the evening. The original account of the article can be viewed through http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean established WEN on November 1, 2000, after noticing the damage shampoo products were doing to human hair. The Wen hair cleansing conditioner contains various formulas such as leave-in conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioner, conditioner, and detangler. Unlike typical shampoo products, which contain various sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate, the WEN cleanser cleans the hair without lathering.

The WEN by Chaz hair products come in an array of formulas to meet the different taste and preferences of individuals in the Amazon online market. Spring Gardenia Green Tea, Tea Tree, Fig, Cucumber Aloe, Pomegranate, Mandarin Italian Fig, and Fragrance-Free are some of the numerous formulas that WEN products present.



Investment Ideas from Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass has made his money from less than orthodox investment ideas. Now, this is not to say the investments are illegal, as nothing he has done is illegal. However, often times he makes his money off of less fortunate individuals losing their money. Kyle Bass became a household name because of this, and while he has been seeking out ways to make a massive fortunate again, ht continues to try and try and, when he tries, he continues to bring less educated investors down with him.

UsefulStooges makes it clear Kyle Bass is best known for making his money off of the housing market collapse in the United States back in 2008. As he bet against home mortgages, every single time someone lost their house due to foreclosure he eventually went on to make money. Due to this, he made tens of millions of dollars, all off of other people being made homeless. When this kind of word spread, it made millions of Americans upset with Kyle. Of course, this did not stop him from moving on and doing whatever he could to make more money. Now, while he has not made it rich again since the last investment, he has been looking for potential where other institutions are poised to fail. In fact, that is how he always makes his money. Off of entities failing. That is what his current investment practices are focused on.

Kyle Bass, for the last several years, has claimed he had proof the Asian market would soon collapse. As other investors saw how much money he made from the market bubble and wanted in on a piece of the action, many of these investors started to put their money where Kyle pointed them. While this would help them earn money should it prove correct, other individuals investing their money has softened the possible blow for Kyle. After all, the market has not dropped out in Asia and, as of right now, it does not look like it is going to happen any time soon.

Most of the markets rely on China. As one of the largest markets in the entire world, where China goes the entire region goes (and, in some extent, all other markets). Kyle, year after year, has said the market would fail, which hasn’t happened. Now, it looks like that is not going to happen any time soon. Why is that? Because China deregulated its currency. This means it purposely reduced the value of the current. This in turn ensures more businesses will remain in China (instead of moving to India or similar nations), while also ensuring continual growth for the country as well. So, it looks like Kyle is going to be proved false in this instance.

The Journey of a North Korean Girl to Freedom

Yeonmi Park is considered to be the leading spokesman for the North Korean Human right at only 21 years old. Yeonmi Park was born in the Korean middle class and was brought up believing that Kim Jong II was capable of reading her mind. The North Korean regime had tortured and imprisoned his entrepreneur father. This is what had sent Park’s family into sudden poverty which forced them in making the drastic move of running away from their homeland or perishing. Yeonmi Park said on The Reason  together with the mother decided to move to China where they were sold into slavery. However, they later managed to escape by walking across the Gobi Desert after the constellations of the night sky to get their freedom by finally arriving in South Korea. It is in South Korea where Park has managed to quickly make her name as a major critic of the North Korean regime.

Yeonmi Park quickly rose to global prominence immediately she delivered the speech at the One Young World during the Dublin summit which was held in 2014. The One Young World refers to a yearly summit which brings together all the young people from around the world to come together and help in coming up with solutions affecting the globe. Park talked about her experience while escaping the North Korea which received more than 2 million views on YouTube.

In Order to Live Amazon released book will be able to share Yeonmi Park’s extraordinary life which aims at turning the changing story of the North Korea and the struggle of the Human Rights. The book was written together with one of the best welling writer in the world, Maryanne Vollers.

At the age of thirteen when life was made unbearable by her father’s imprisonment, Yeonmi Park together with her family made the most dangerous decision, to run away from their native country North Korea by crossing the Yale River frozen waters into China only to get into the hand of human traffickers.

After nearly two years living in a more dangerous and brutal environment than they had left back at the hand of their Chinese captors, Park together with the mother decided to once again take the most dangerous step of attempting to escape. They managed to flee across the Gobi desert.


BMG Recapitulation – The Whole Story

The use of new technologies has always driven many of the major investments undertaken by large financial institutions, such as Brazilian banking company BMG. In response to the fast changing area of technology that investment specialists are facing, BMG’s Marcio Alaor took time out of his busy schedule to examine the latest technological offerings of specialist companies at the Las Vegas based Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Exame reports.

Alaor was impressed with a wide range of technology areas that made this exhibition a must see for Alaor and his fellow global investors, Alaor has a history of leading BMG into some of the most impressive areas of technological advances in recent years.
Marcio Alaor has been a major source of inspiration for BMG over the course of his period with the bank, which is based in his home town of Bole Horizante, Marcio Alaor reports. Through his own blog the banking executive has become an outspoken expert in the use of technology for the improvement of everyday life, including the use of streaming technologies and drones as a major aspect of the improvements made in modern life.

Alaor believes streaming services are an important investment for many to examine if they are looking for a sound technological investment.

Advances in streaming did not feature heavily in the offerings at CES 2016, but the drone technology Marcio Alaor has been championing did; Alaor believes drones will become an even more important aspect of everyday life than they ever have before in the coming years.

The latest drone technology sees seating added to existing technology to allow individuals the chance to program their flight plan for the drone before riding in the aircraft in comfort.

Marcio Alaor has been a major supporter of many of the largest automotive companies in the world over the course of his career with BMG, which has seen him lead an investment in Ford and General Motors.

At the Las Vegas based exhibition Marcio Alaor reports Ford made a decision to invest in a number of hybrid and electric cars that will debut on the market by 2020; other major auto manufacturers, including VW, also unveiled prototypes of their own versions of the electric or hybrid vehicle.

The George Soros-Hillary Clinton Connection

As reported on Politico, the largest donor to Priorities USA Action, the action pac supporting Hillary Clinton, is George Soros. Earlier in 2015, George gave $1 million dollars to the super pac. On December 31, he gave $6 million more to the pac. He has also given $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century.
In 2004, Soros spent over $20 million during the election cycle to try to remove President George W. Bush from office. He spent very little in support of President Obama. He has said that he regrets not offering more support to Hillary in 2008. Not only is the donation important to the campaign, but many other donors follow his lead.
After his donation earlier in the year, Priorities USA Action quickly was able to raise additional funding including donations from Haim Saban, Barbara Lee, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams.
George Soros has often exchanged emails with Hillary, according to files released by the State Department. According to a story in the Washington POST, one email from Soros demanded urgent attention on Albania. After receiving the email, Hillary immediately dispersed a top aide to visit with Soros. On another occasion, Clinton met with Soros personally to discuss The American University of Central Asia that is located in the formal Soviet Union. The Washington Posr article points out that neither Hiliary or George appears to have done anything illegal.
According to an op-ed published on the The Freedom Post, the Clintons met Soros shortly before President Bill Clinton appointed Steve Talbott to the State Department. Talbott soon started working almost exclusively on connections between the United States and Russia. Through his job, Talbott started working with the Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard University to assist Russia in its transformation from communism to an open society. George Soros worked closely with Jeffrey. Soon, Talbott introduced President and Mrs. Clinton to George Soros. In an interview for The Shadow Party, George Soros admits that he took an instant liking to Hilary finding that she shared many of his values.
The friendship between George Soros and Hillary Clinton has continued to blossom.