Contribution Made by Shaygan Kheradpir in the Field of Business and Technology

Technology connects the world. Through technology, businesses have been able to realize their objectives in terms of marketing their products, collecting market information and communicating with their clients. Businesses have been able to record higher profitability margins as products can be sold to any interested consumer irrespective of his or her location in the globe. To this end, most entrepreneurs are utilizing technology to improve their brands and market their products to a larger consumer base in the market.
Undertaking of technology studies and business courses provides an individual with a better profile that propels one’s propensity of being employed by the Fortune 500 companies. With the growth of technology firms, there is the need for students to enhance their knowledge in different fields and eventually, they shall be able to utilize their skills in providing solutions to consumer problems. Given the highly educated workforce in the market, companies are looking for candidates who can handle different undertakings within an organization instead of only knowing one area of operation.
Shaygan Kheradpir is a business and technology expert who has been in the management of renowned organizations for long. He has traversed different continents and has been able to appreciate the cultural diversity existing in various parts of the globe. Shaygan went to Cornell University where he studied for his bachelors, masters and PhD in electrical engineering focusing largely on control systems. After his studies, Shaygan was able to find his first job at the GTE Labs located in Boston. At GTE Corporation, he focused on network routing as well as management and control. As he improved in his experiences, he was promoted to the position of the head of software systems. His star shone brighter as he started to recruit and build a top class corporation that led to the development of the country’s initial platform for network management at GTE. The platform called TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System) served to integrate infrastructure, switching and transmission at GTE Corporation.
With the merger between GTE and Bell Atlantic to form Verizon, Shaygan made a decision to move to New York City and soon after, he was made the president in charge of eBusiness Unit and later climbing the corporate ladder to become the chief information officer of the corporation. He repeated his feat at GTE Corporation by recruiting and assembling a shrewd team of talented and focused minds that comprehended the significance of collaborations as well as hastening the introduction of leading products and services in the market. While still working at Verizon, Shaygan transformed the profile of revenue of the corporation through an innovative IP and multi-media products through interweaving networking with web-enabled software. His immense contribution for Verizon saw the entity win different awards like the FiOS interactive TV, carrier-grade voice over IP, high-speed data and internet streaming.
Businesses have embraced technology to enhance their product and service offing. Students wishing to work in Fortune 500 companies should undertake different courses in order to fit in different areas of an organization. Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned guru in business and technology as he has seen the success of different corporations owing to his vast experience and expertise he has gained from working for diverse corporations.

Beneful: Simply Beneficial for Dogs

Beneful, produced since 2001 by Nestle Purina Petcare, is one of the top-selling dog food brands in the industry, and for good reason. Not only are you able to choose from wet or dry food, but a wide range of dog treats as well. Beneful’s foods are also formulated for your specific dog. Whether you have an active, playful puppy, an older, overweight dog, or the average animal, Beneful has plenty of variety for everyone. This best-selling dog food can be conveniently found at most local grocery stores.
Dog owners can feel good about feeding their pet Beneful as well, since Purina has many quality and safety protocols when it comes to the production of their dog foods. Ninety-nine percent of Purina products are made in the United States and are tracked throughout each step of the production process. Suppliers of the ingredients of Beneful must also meet strict criteria and the USDA and FDA monitor these facilities and ingredients.

An Intro to Some Cheap Mobile Wireless Services

The telecommunications market in the United States is larger than ever. With nearly every citizen in the country having some form of mobile cell or data service many new startups have erupted to service that demand. Old school telecoms like AT&T are still competing alongside newer companies like FreedomPop. All of this choice means that consumers have more options than ever and this can lead to a great deal of competition that benefits customers. Right now we will take a look at some of the available mobile wireless services and some of the features and benefits they offer.

Standard Mobile Wireless

Some of the biggest names in telecommunications like AT&T and Sprint are still dominant players in the wireless market. Many customers flock to these brands for a couple of reasons. First of all and most importantly is brand recognition. Many customers have been with these companies for decades and see no reason to switch.

These companies also boast extensive networks and retail locations which can make it very easy to service your phones or purchase new ones. Unfortunately all of those retail locations end up costing money that ends up in your bill. Monthly phone bills can be outrageous costing hundreds of dollars a month depending on the services you receive. In order to get a significantly lower or even free phone bill it is a good idea to use a smaller provider that has less market share and therefore less overhead.

FreedomPop Mobile Wireless

One up and comer in the field of mobile wireless telecommunications is FreedomPop. This company offers incredibly discounted or potentially even free mobile wireless and data plans for new and existing subscribers. The way they offer these programs is really quite ingenious. Basically they give anyone with a capable mobile phone a certain monthly allotment of data, cell phone minutes and texts. These phones are sold through FreedomPop to be compatible with their plans and sim cards.

Once a customer has purchased a FreedomPop phone and received their allotted free minutes and data if they exceed that cap they will automatically purchase more minutes, texts or data. If you stay under the cap you essentially have free phone service while if you exceed your monthly cap you only end up paying for what you use. There are also numerous ways to customize your plans like rollover minutes and other similar programs offered. TechCrunch notes that FreedomPop is available in most major metropolitan areas and they are rapidly expanding to other service areas in the United States.

Choosing the right mobile wireless service can be daunting but remember to choose based on your needs. If you think you will be a minimum user or you want to closely correlate your usage with what you pay FreedomPop is a fantastic option. Since they are currently available in pretty much every major metropolitan area in the country it is likely that you can find a FreedomPop location near you. They are a fantastic choice for the savvy and thrifty mobile wireless plan customer.

Beneful Has Done Well With Their New Ad

Watching dog food ads can be fun to anyone, even none pet owners, and it is exciting when a new ad comes out. Especially when it is a super creative one.
Beneful recently put together an ad that is like no other. They put a lot of work, time, and effort into their ad, and it shows in how amazing it is. The Beneful ad features a Rube Goldberg machine that is run by dogs, and it may just be the cutest thing ever.
The ad is something that everyone will love, whether they have dogs in their home or not. It shows the animals’ playfulness, and it makes you want to get up and have some fun, as well. The ad proves that this brand cares about animals, and Beneful will be sure to gain some new customers from it. They are a brand that is doing well for themselves already, but once people start watching this ad, they will be sure to do even better.

OrganoGold is in the Lead

The Mission
OrganoGold is a company that had started in 2008.It officially opened in 2014. This company began with a single cup of remarkable coffee. This story of success started in Richmond, B.C., Canada. This is a company with a clear and solid mission. The people of the world are deserving of the treasures that our world offers. The mission of OganoGold is to deliver these treasures to the people.

Spreading Knowledge Across the Globe.
The vision of this extraordinary company is clear and robust. It is a powerful vision. This global Network Marketing company holds the vision of spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma across the entire globe. This is a company that is making history around the world. Prosperity is one of the keys of their vision.

The Numerous Benefits from this Gourmet Beverage
This is spreading around the world and people from all walks of life are enjoying the many benefits and the delicious taste of Organo Gold’s exquisite gourmet beverages. These are items that provide health-giving additives. They are personal care products. This beverage is bringing the ancient Chinese herb out into the world for all to experience. These are products that are intended to be well suited for every lifestyle. These ancient Chinese herbal remedies that are incorporated in these products have been known as Eastern Chinese herbal remedies. These herbs have been unknown outside of Eastern herbal medicine.

Bernardo Chua Founded OrganGold
Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of this powerful company. This is an individual who has experienced much success in the business world. He is a man who is strong in his commitment to bringing the Chinese herb out to the rest of the world. This herb is called Ganoderma. Bernado T.Chue has much experience in multilevel marketing. He is an intriguing individual with a business that is stirring up much interest all over the globe.

Improving Health and Wellness: Organo Gold

With today’s increase in health awareness and focusing on putting more quality foods and beverages into our body, it is nice to know that company’s like is around to make our choices easier. This simple product is available due to an individual who realized that an ingredient known as Ganoderma had unique health benefits that should be quickly shared.

For over five years Organo Gold has been creating quality gourmet beverages such as delicious coffees, nutraceuticals like organic Mycelium capsules and personal care products. Their multitude of products were originally produced to accommodate any type of lifestyle and heightened with Ganoderma which has been an ancient herb used in China for hundreds of years that heals many ailments. Very little was known about the age-old Ganoderma so CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua decided the world should be introduced it.

Philippines born Bernardo Chua was an expert when it came to multilevel marketing, since he was employed in the industry for many years. Initially he was an executive in the Philippines’ Gano Excel (one of the foremost direct sales businesses around). The young executive assisted in growing this company to Canada, Hong Kong and the United States, where Chua took on the role of president of Gano Excel U.S.A. in California, with the company marketing products containing Ganoderma. One of the many awards that have been bestowed on Mr. Chua has been the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award for Outstanding MLM Company. This trailblazer also understood that every child can develop into a leader but occasionally they will require direction from individuals such as himself so he ensured that Organo Gold became a corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation.

This worldwide network marketing business continually strives to expand the positive benefits of Ganoderma, plus the fact that their products are organic, lack caffeine and additives. Their beautifully packaged products like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee which is a premium roast is used to calm one’s nerves, reduce insomnia or skin inflammation,treat allergies or hay fever. Organo Gold’s Green Tea contains Ganoderma Lucidum inside a small sachet and when placed into a cup of hot water, can improve memory. Others enjoying this hot beverage feel that it greatly improves sleep, due to its ganoderma mushroom ingredients and others feel it assists with weight-loss detoxification. Their unique Ganoderma supplements are often used to boost the immune system and vitality.

Not only did Chua’s vision and marketing expertise transform Organo Gold into one of the world’s most successful companies, but his genuine kindness and enthusiasm in creating lengthy business relationships assisted it. His vision facilitated individuals to improve their lives by achieving improved health through unique products.

11 Dishes You Might Eat Should Be the Name

11 dishes which I’m not so sure we should be proud of might be a more fitting title. Being that we are in the land of deep fried everything and food on a stick, not to mention supersize fries and sodas this article showcases 11 foods that well by opinion make you proud to be an American. For example a red, white and blue cake that has a pie baked into it and is just oozing with diabetes. A deep fried Big Mac ( I mean really was in not unhealthy enough?), Carl’s Jr American thick burger that is covered with potato chips, hot dog, ketchup and mustard and does not appear that appetizing in my opinion, caviar topped Twinkies.

Now just who in the h-e-double hockey sticks would have thought of this? Apparently Resident360 said somebody’s mommy and daddy are missing some caviar somewhere. Disgusting! Fish eggs and Twinkies should never be together. Pizza topped pizza however isn’t a bad idea. The Krispy Kreme Hot Dog is right there with the Twinkies covered in fish eggs in my book. Just nasty!

A bacon mac n cheese donut I’m not so sure about. I would say that I might try it if it were free but would not pay to try one. No matter how you look at it America, you can see why we just can weight to eat! The calories are frightening!

BK May Bring In New Vegetarian Sandwich Options

Burger King already has a veggie burger on their menu. It is a pathetic excuse for a sandwich. The patty comes frozen and is made by Morningstar, a brand you can go buy in your grocer’s freezer. Although it is nice to have a vegetarian option at their restaurant let’s face it, the vegetable topping are better than the actual burger. Over in India there are two successful vegetarian sandwiches that may soon be coming to America, the Veg Chilli Cheezos and Paneer King Melts stated Amen Clinics. The U.K. may end up getting to try these new offerings before the U.S. due to a significant vegetarian market in the country. Popularity for meat-free options is growing nation wide, even with individuals who do consider themselves to be vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes it is just nice to take a break from meat and up your veggie intake. Other restaurants are considering a vegetarian sandwich option as well, it could be the next big thing.

Whole Foods Accused Of Overcharging For Their Pre-Packaged Foods In New York

A Department Of Consumer Affairs Investigation Found The Whole Foods New York Stores Were Overstating Weights Of Pre-Packaged Products

Whole Foods has some explaining to do. An Investigation by the Department of Consumer Affairs didn’t come out the way the chain expected. The investigators say the food chain has been overstating the weight of dairy products, meat and baked goods. In other words, Whole Foods is cheating customers in order to add more money to their bottom line.

The investigators tested 80 different packages, and all of them had overstated weight figures on the labels reports Mikal Watts. The weight difference cost consumers anywhere from $0.80 a package to $15 depending on what was in the package.

Whole Foods denies the Department of Consumer Affairs claim. A spokesman for the chain said the DCA has not given them any proof that the packages were mislabeled. Whole Foods has a policy in place that refunds money to consumers when pre-packaged items are mislabeled.

This is not the first time Whole Foods has had pricing issues. In 2012, the California stores were caught in a pricing scandal. The chain paid a $800,000 fine in that case.

Get Up, Eat Better and Fresher and Save Our Future

It is an obvious issue that the United States has a very large number of not just overweight individuals in the population, but an increasing number of obese individuals. What is scary is it is not just adults the number that is increasing the fastest is that of obese children in the US. There have been many reports and studies done that throw out some very alarming realities to this issue. I will not bore you with those details, I will just tell you plain and simple what the issue is. We are lazy and it is cheaper to eat a cheeseburger and drink beer in the US than it is to eat a salad and drink a bottled water. Plain and simple. We do not get enough exercise because almost everything is automated these days and many of us find ourselves in jobs that require long periods of sitting at a desk. We need to wake up as a nation and take action stated Amen Clinic. We need to start buying fresh vegetables and fruits from the local farmers market and cooking at home. We need to put down our cell phones and walk away from our computers. We need to pick up the leash and take the dog for a walk or play frisbee with the kids. A few minutes of exercise and just making a few different choices each day will help a lot.