Norka Luque Tackled Health Issues Like She Tackles Music. She’s A Winner!

In 2014, Norka Luque faced one of the biggest challenges in her young life. She was diagnosed with epilepsy, and she decided to have brain surgery in 2015 to alleviate the symptoms of that central nervous system disorder. Her recovery was a challenge, but she has faced all the challenges in her life the same positive way. Norka is a winner, and she showed her winning skills by jumping back into the jumping back into the music scene in 2016. Norka’s career is bigger and better than ever. Her loyal fans waited for her third single to be released in 2016, and they jumped at the chance to buy it. That’s how Norka Luque fans are. Over the last five years, Norka has demonstrated her ability to rock the music world with hits like “I Can Do It Too,” “Milagro” and “Tomorrowland.” Norka is considered one of Latino music’s brightest stars, and she is living up to that title.

Norka Luque is Venezuelan by birth, but she went to high school in the United States. Norka went to France to study business, and she worked in Monte Carlo after she graduated. Even though she took a job in the financial world in Monte Carlo, she knew she would become a star when the timing was right. During her school years, she continued to develop her musical range. She was the lead singer for a dance club band called, Bad Moon Rising. Norka packed the dance club on the weekends, and she got a taste of what being a popular singer was like back then. She liked the attention and the loyal fans that came to hear her belt out hits with a reggae, R&B, and alternative rock twist.

The timing was right after she went to a Ricky Martin Concert in France. She decided to move back to Miami and sing for a living. South Beach was in her backyard, so she found a job singing in a club. She also collaborated with record producer Jose Velazquez in order to cut an album. But the real break came when she met Emilio Estefan. He took her under his wing, and with the help of Archie Pena, Norka’s first album was put to bed.

Norka is back in the Latino music scene now, and her fans couldn’t be happier. Norka’s fan base is expanding into mainstream music, and that means she is on the road to bigger and better things.

Beautiful Lips Are Just A Balm Away

Your lips are an integral feature of your face. They are perfectly centered beneath nose and eyes in a way that maximizes sensuality. Your lips have been designed to maximize your beauty and attractiveness through their healthy expression. Full, sensuous lips are moist and have no hint of a crack about them. They are smooth, uniform, and colored in a healthy way. Unhealthy lips are withered cracked things that bear more in common with a lizard than a woman. So what kind of lips would you rather have: those that testify health and fecund femininity, or those which invite the viewer to make jokes about reptiles?
Unfortunately, getting smooth and beautiful lips can be dangerous. There are a cavalcade of sticks and balms out there which use parabens and petrolatum, both of which are known to have toxic effects on the human body.

Thankfully, Evolution of Smooth has put into circulation a revolutionary new line of balms designed to keep lips both healthy and smooth without any toxic chemicals. There are three main balms in Evolution of Smooth’s lip family. There are shimmer smooth, active protection, and visibly soft spheres. Sticks are also available, as are multi-packs. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms include Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. What they don’t include are any toxic chemicals that wouldn’t be recommended by your dermatologist. This products are available on local Walmart stores and online sites including

Without proper lip health, you won’t have sensuous lips. Wind and lack of moisture can wear them down over time, as can inferior cosmetic products which use chemicals that can leave a thrush around the mouth and are proven harmful with continued use. Don’t compromise the health of your lips for cosmetic reasons. Feel beautiful, feel healthy, and know that you are both of those things at the same time. As an added bonus, Evolution of Smooth has made their balms exceptionally delectable. Visit for more info.



Follow In The Footsteps Of Olympians With A Lake Tahoe Resort Ski Vacation

The winter sports market has been growing for a number of years and has seen a rapid growth in California’s Lake Tahoe region where a number of resorts are located in a small area of the Sierra Nevada mountains. These resorts on are often enjoyed for their isolation from the world and provide some of the most beautiful landscapes to set your winter vacation in for beautiful photo opportunities around every corner.

One area of the Lake Tahoe region that has always been enjoyed is the Olympic Valley area, which gained its name from the fact it was the location for the 1960 Winter Olympics. Having been the location for U.S. Olympic trails since the first half of the 20th century this historic area allows visitors the opportunity to enjoy following in the footsteps of some of the most famous Olympians from the first half and middle of the 20th century. In recent years, World Cup skiing has returned to the area as the world’s best winter sports athletes have returned to the area to take part in various competitions.

Perhaps the best known of the ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region is the Squaw Valley resort, which is located just a short bus ride from its sister resort of Alpine Meadows. Squaw Valley was the first resort in the U.S. to bring European style resort living to the country as it sought to make Winter sports as popular as ever in the first half of the 20th century. The resort has not stood still over the years, and along with Alpine Meadows has seen a major series of developments to make it one of the best loved resort locations in the world.

In the 21st century both Squaw Valley and Alpine meadows have worked hard to make themselves attractive locations for year round vacation opportunities; the arrival of lifestyle coaches, such as yoga instructors at both resorts throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall has seen many visitors look to visit the region outside the traditional Winter sports periods. Throughout the year the range of restaurants, bars, and outdoor activities makes this area of Lake Tahoe one of the best loved in the U.S. for enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

Lip Sutra

We are always looking for ways to keep our lips soft and chap free. The very first lip balm was made in the early 1880’s, by Dr. C.D. Fleet who was a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia. Unfortunately, by 1912 he gave his ingredients away due to lack of sales to John Morton. Morton took the ingredients and enhanced it with his wife’s help they were able to become successful building the Morton Manufacturing Company. By 1963, A. H. Robbins Company bought the rights from the Morton Manufacturing Company, and successfully was able to make more than one flavor, in which doing so by 1971 four new Chapstick Lip Balms were added into the Lip Balm world. Now with over 20 different flavors to choose from, other lip balm companies such as, Carmex, Blistex, Vaseline, and Softlips has been pretty hard to compete against, due to the loyalty of consumers.

Now a new wave of lip balm has hit the shelves, instead of buying either a plastic applicator, squeeze tube or a miniature jar, EOS lip balm has come out with an easier way to apply lip balm. EOS, which is short for Evolution of Smooth, is seen in Rite Aid, Ulta, Duane Reade, Target, CVS and other stores. This cute and chic lip balm comes in small spheres which applying it the same way as the regular tubing without the twist just the roll on the lips. EOS is hypoallergenic, gluten free and made with natural oils, antioxidants and vitamin E, which makes this brand not only unique but it separates itself from the competitors. Consumers who were used to the old fashioned lip balm are now into a more natural and organic phase which will be around for a long time. For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.

Mike Baur Founds Unique Company Called Swiss Start Up Factory

Swiss entrepreneur Mike Baur is the current founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. This company consists of a unique business model in which companies meet with Mike and present to him their plans for a new business. Mike then picks companies that have the most potential and helps them make their start ups ideas into a reality. He will often provide them with funding as well as advice on how to more easily reach their objectives. Before Mike started up his own company, he was working in the banking industry in which he accumulated lots of experience consulting with businesses and entrepreneurs. During his career, Mike had earned a considerable amount of recognition as one of the more successful business people in Switzerland.

Mike started his career as a banking professional. During his stint in banking, Mike would gain a lot of experience working with businesses and entrepreneurs. On a regular basis he would have business people come to him and pitch them his ideas for a business and how much capital they need to start up. Baur would then evaluate the potential of the business in terms of market demand, profit potential and also resources needed to operate. Once Mike determines the amount of capital that a business needs to start up, he would then approve of business loans that will give a company money to start up as well as profits for the bank. His experience in banking would inspire him to start up his own company that uses a very similar business model.

By using a business model similar to business banking, Mike decided to start his own company known as Swiss Start Up Factory. The company gets its clients by offering meetings that are similar to that of an auction. At this meeting a number of businesses will pitch their business ideas to Mike and then he would evaluate these ideas. After going over the business ideas, Mike Baur would then choose which businesses are most likely to succeed and then he will provide funding as well as advisory to these businesses.

During his career Mike has established himself as one of the more well known business people in Switzerland. He has won a number of awards that gave him considerable recognition and credibility. With this recognition, Baur has proven to be one of the top entrepreneurs and banking professionals in the country. He is therefore one of the more notable people in Switzerland’s business community.

Seattle Genetics – Innovation meets research

Seattle Genetics is the brainchild of Dr. Clay Siegall. With an undergraduate degree in Zoology and a doctorate in Genetics, as well as holding over 15 patents and authoring more than 70 publications, Siegall is well-suited to be the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics.

Siegall has extensive experience in genetics. Previous positions include (from 1991-1997) the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Also Siegall was at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (from 1998-1991). Currently, Siegall is a member of the Board at Alder BioPharmaceuticals and the Board at Mirna Therapeutics, two biotechnology companies in the private sector.

Siegall is overseeing a variety of both clinical and preclinical products being developed. As a strong leader in research, Seattle Genetics has a cancer and autoimmune focus for work on antibody technologies. Since its public offering in 2001, Seattle Genetics has secured over $330 million in financing. There is both national and international interest in collaboration and a recent agreement with
Genentech will allow SGN-40 to have a value of $860 million. Additional partnerships with MedImmune, CuraGen, Progenics and Bayer will have generated over $65 million in the last fifteen years.

Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of cancer research. Siegall has solid years of multiple successes and his strong reputation in the field and his many achievements in pharmaceuticals will help in advancing many cancer-fighting products. Seattle Genetics is perfectly poised to continue making an impact with their products and Siegall is well-prepared to lead and celebrate innovation in the months and years to come.

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The Three Best Restaurants To Dine

If you are looking for a private event space in New York to have an anniversary celebration, a birthday bash, or a wedding celebration, a location like Tarallucci e Vino may just be the ideal place for you. They have two areas that may be able to serve your purpose. One is the Mezzanine, which will accommodate about thirty guest for an intimate gathering or, for a larger group,for about eighty people to have an afternoon of cocktails. Chef Riccardo will tantalize your taste buds with a blend of time honored dishes, mixed with his contemporary culinary skills.

People are discussing Tarallucci e Vino. Just loving all they have to offer. Some are talking about the wonderful services they have had from the entire professional team. They are saying that the food was very, very tasty and, lots more are praising their deserts. They were impressed about the way every dish was served on time. So if Tarrallucci e Vino sounds like the place for your next occasion, all one has to do is call and make plans.

Still, in New York there is Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery on North Of Houston. The lovely array of copper pots and horseshoe shaped booths, welcomes everyone. As you enter, you will notice how clean the place is. Food such as shellfish and oysters with rotisserie chicken is more than enough to tempt your palate. For breakfast you can get two farm eggs any style with pommes de rotisserre, smoked salmon benedict or broiche. There is also a large wine cave for anyone who wants to throw a great party. Again, just call.

For those who are living in the Chicago area there is Formento’s. One can easily find it while taking a leisurely stroll along the Fulton Market District. This restaurant was started with the owner’s grandmother in mind “Nana Formento”. Here you will find Executive Chef Stephen Wambach, who received his training under world class chefs. He has a very distinguished background and, brings all of this knowledge to Formento’s. Here he creates traditional and new age dishes.

There a two spaces allocated for private gatherings, which will easily accommodate twenty to two hundred of your closest guest. Each room is equipped with a bar, restrooms and it’s own sound system. The food is delicious and the staff’s service can only be describe as impeccable. The Chicagoist, Anthony Todd in his food section review, described the restaurant as awesome. He especially like the all you can eat antipasti buffet. This began with the lunch service and, has now expanded to the Saturday brunch.

The restaurant wanted to bring something different to it’s customers, instead of burgers or heavy type foods. The Chef makes light Italian appetites and marinated salads. There are also eggs dishes, Crab Cakes Benedict with additional fried green tomatoes. So if you are in Chicago and, craving a taste of Italy, you will find that Formento’s brings the flavors to your dining table. Just make a reservation, show up and enjoy!

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Keeping Your Reputation Looking Good

There are several things you can do to help keep your reputation looking good. You may be wondering what you have to do in order to keep everything looking better and to repair your reputation after it’s been damaged.

Keep Your Word
This is really important in order to keep your reputation looking good. If you are not doing what you say you will, then word will get around and you will lose customers.

Help Others
If you are willing to help other people, then they will help you when you need it. They also will help you look better in people and customers eyes.

Go Above and Beyond
If you do more than what is required then you will look better and will help keep you reputation to look better in the long run.

Dress for Success
If you are dressing the part you want in a business or if you can show others that you are a professional, then you will keep your business going and will keep your reputation looking good.

Body Language
You can act a certain way and show you are serious about your business and who you are. This will help keep customer confidence.

Be Consistent
Don’t change things up all the time. Stay with the business model that works for you. If you change things, you may lose customers that you need to build your business.

Act Right
Don’t act like a child when things don’t go right with your business. You don’t want to have something happen and you not be able to keep your head on straight to handle whatever it is.

Be Involved
Do things with the community so you can feel like you are part of something. This will also help customers to feel like you are part of their community as well.

According to, these tips will help you to get more business and keep your business running smoothly. They also offer help if you are still in need of someone to help keep or get your business reputation looking good. Give them a call and see how they can help.

There are a lot of things you can do in order to keep your reputation looking good. These are a simple few to help you get started.

Grand Entrepreneurship with Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is the man behind the success of Fireman Capital Partners (FCP). Fireman Capital partners is a financial planning institution located in Waltham, Massachusets. Diaz has worked at FCP since 2015. Before joining Fireman Capital Partners, he was an accountant advisor in Miami, Florida.

In Miami, he worked for a private firm and helped in assessing international investment matters relating to energy efficiency. He analyzed innovative qualities, demographic and social qualities regarding investment opportunities. He also assessed investment-to-return matters related to startups, real estate, fine art and hedge funds.

Mr. Diaz notably has extensive career experience, especially in management. He is the co-founder and director of Toys for Boys Boutique Privee. The high-end boutique is located in Miami. Toys for Boys deal in exotic cars, timepieces and modern art of luxurious nature. Diaz Granados is also the co-founder and producer of Edge of Glory Films. The media company is also located in Miami, Florida.

At Edge of Glory Films, Diaz is responsible for production, communication distribution, editing, and promotion. The mission of the company in the United States is to broadcast media centered on Hispanic culture and news. Danilo Diaz Granados has held a managerial post at Movilway since 2012. Movilway provides prepaid mobile payment services and has its headquarters in Madrid,Spain. The assets of Diaz are estimated at about $400 million in the bond market.

Diaz is a renowned businessman for his success in developing profitable business in lucrative business niches. He is said to have begun the trading business from when he was young. Diaz studied at Babson College where he acquired his Bachelor of Science in BS in Entrepreneurship and Economics. Located in Massachusetts, Babson College is a private business school founded in 1919. The college centers on entrepreneurship education. Diaz Granados attended Babson College from 2007 to 2010.

Securus Publicizes Shady Business Practices of Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, has announced that it will begin to release reports provided by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC), highlighting “wrongdoings and integrity breaches” by Global Tel Link (GTL), an inmate telecommunications provider which formerly served Louisiana prisons, providing outbound telecom services for inmates. The reports are from 1998, and will be released over the next six months.
According to PR Newswire, the Louisiana PSC found that GTL overcharged the taxpayers of the State of Louisiana for inmate phone calls by changing the internal clocks on their prison phones to add time, and therefore charges to each call. Rates were changed after calls were made, and unauthorized add-on fees were included. In addition, the PSC found incidences of double-billing which appeared to be deliberate. In all, the cost of these fraudulent practices was $1,243,000 to the taxpayers of Louisiana.

Though the reports were written 18 years ago, Securus America believes that the abuses by GTL are still occurring and must be addressed and stopped. Securus’ CEO, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith says that “Adding time to calls in telecommunications represents the ultimate in wrongdoing-playing tricks on your customers and scamming them is real B.S. and a cancer on our industry. Time does not take that sin away.”