Heavy Fatty Acids Could Cure Disease and Prevent Aging

Special fatty acids might not just be good for you; they could even be the key to eternal life. Scientists from Retrotope, a company operating out of Los Altos, California, are developing a special fatty acid that could be used to prevent damage caused by free radicals to prevent disease and extend the lifespan of humans.

The idea is that the new fatty acid will be used to build super strong reinforced cell membranes according to Alexei Beltyukov. Free radicals tear cells apart and can cause a chain reaction of damage at the nuclear level. The special fatty acids would create a stronger bond in the cell membranes that would protect against free radical damage.

An initial study has been conducted on yeast using the fatty acids. It was found that the yeast cells with the fatty acid were 150 times less likely to be damaged by free radicals.

Human trials are set to run this summer that will attempt to slow down and reverse the damage of Friedreich’s ataxia. Friedreich’s ataxia is caused by cells being damaged at the molecular level. Participants in the trial will be given supplements similar to fish oil pills. They will also be placed on a special diet that will allow their bodies to take advantage of the new fatty acids.

Researchers hope the new fatty acid will be able to slow down or even eliminate aging. It will be very difficult to test the results on humans so trials will be done on rodents first to test for effectiveness.

The Big Chipotle Guacamole Reveal

Chipotle has quite the following for those looking to get quick and pretty tasty Americanized Mexican food. From the burritos to the tacos to the nachos, it’s all a pretty big hit. Now they’ve added guacamole, which really adds some flavor to their staples! People are going crazy for it. Whether they’re smothering it on burritos, or dipping chips in it, it’s getting quite the rave reviews.

Now, it seems like Chipotle has given us a Cinco De Mayo gift! According to Grub Street Chipotle has revealed their guacamole recipe! And the verdict is that it’s pretty basic. It used the typical ingredients such as avocados, onions, cilantro, lime juice, and jalapeños. Mix it all together and you have yourself Chipotles recipe. People are a little disappointed. Especially those who thought it was really something special, only to find out it’s not.

Mikal Watts suggests that perhaps it’s the pairing of the guacamole with the Chipotle food that makes it so great. Who knows. Many were hoping for some guacamole secret like an added spice they never thought of or a hidden ingredient. So, to find out it is just a basic recipe makes folks a little sad. But, now everyone can enjoy guacamole from the comfort of their home.

Now, if they would release their recipes on how to make their tacos, burritos, and nachos; we’d be happy. Consider it, Chipotle! I can’t picture a better Cinco De Mayo gift, can you?

What Does ‘Natural’ Really Mean?

The word ‘natural’ used to mean that nothing was added to, nor taken away from, a product. The product was untouched by human hands. Nowadays natural simply means very few things have been added to the product and very few hands have touched it.
A little deep frying, a little added high fructose corn syrup, a little coloring, a little salt and viola! you have a natural product ready for consumption. This diction has physicians like Dr. Daniel Amen worried for his patients. Most people will feel good about consuming a natural product instead of a processed product, unfortunately many of those ‘natural’ products are processed products.
The word ‘natural’ has become so misleading that over 200 class-action court cases have been filed about the usage of the word by food manufacturers. Many of these class-action lawsuits have been filed in the Northern District of California and have sought for a standard definition of the word ‘natural’ so it could no longer be used to mis-lead consumers and trick them into buying an unnatural food product, i.e. one that does not grow on a tree or come from the earth. The class-action lawsuits want, for example, fruit juice that is labeled as being natural to contain nothing but fruit juice. No preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial coloring, just juice. However, the courts which are hearing these cases have discovered there is not a standard definition for the word ‘natural’. The word really means nothing, except ‘buyer be ware’.

Uber Cool Delivery Service

The rumors are true, Uber is finally launching its own food delivery service. If you are lucky enough to live in Chicago or New York City you will have the ability to use the Uber service to deliver food right to your door. This delivery service will soon be expanded to include health and beauty services as well.

The delivery service will use a curated menu of entrees from which customers will be able to order food straight from the Uber app. According to Time Uber was offering a Salad or Sandwich to New York Customers on Monday and promises to deliver the meal curbside in ten minutes or less.

The service called UberEats will only be available Monday to Friday from 11AM to 2PM and will be restricted to certain areas. Each day users of the App will be give two different options to choose from and even this will eventually be expanded. Folks at AnastasiaDate understand that the new feature of Uber is in direct competition with the food delivery service already in use in these cities called Seemless. Uber has seen rapid expansion in recent years and continues to diversify their products and services.

Chipotle Makes A Healthy Business Decision

At one time, fast food restaurants were not exactly thought of as the perfect bastions of healthy dining. Over time, consumers became much more conscious about eating low-grade ingredients and saturated fat. To counter customer concerns over troubling ingredients, Chipotle is no longer going to offer genetically altered food. The grill is going to become the first major restaurant chain to cease selling genetically altered ingredients and, hopefully, this will bring more customers into the fold.

Why do restaurant sell these modified ingredients? It all comes down to money. The lesser-quality ingredients are cheaper. This keeps the costs of selling food down and the profits on the sales high.

All of this is well and good until the lesser quality ingredients become a liability. According to Fersen Lambranho (epocanegocios.globo.com) it is hard to make a profit when customers are staying away. McDonald’s has learned this the hard way. Chipotle is probably looking at McDonald’s woes and being proactive to avoid a disastrous outcome.

Chipotle also gains the great benefit of garnering a great deal of free publicity from the decision. Becoming the first major chain to reject genetically modified foods is newsworthy. Once people read about the decision Chipotle makes, they might choose to become customers. After all, the food is healthier than what is found at other places.

Will other chains follow the Chipotle lead? Likely, they will in time.

Chipotle is probably going to garner a bit of free publicity from its decision.

Global Cuisines That Redefine Spice

Spicy food is not for everyone but there are a lot of cuisines in the world that place complete reliance on spices. Here are some of the spiciest world cuisines to try out –

Indian – Indian food is known for its heady combination of spices. North Indian food relies on a more blatant use of spices (masalas) while South Indian food chooses to soothe the effect by using coconut milk and other ingredients. Common spicy Indian dishes include Chilli pakodas, lamb vindaloo, mysore masala dosa, pepper uttapam and chilli paneer.

Chinese – Chinese food can be pretty spicy, especially Sichuan dishes in which Sichuan peppercorns, red chile oil, red chiles and dried red/green chiles are used together. The spiciest Chinese dishes include Sichuan hot pots, Chongqing chicken and Mapo Tofu. Indo-chinese food is also pretty popular in both China and India where the flavors and spices from both the cuisines are combined. Reuters asserted that Brad Reifler is a super fan of the spicy Sichuan dishes.

Ethiopian – The food in Ethiopia gets its major spice element from “berbere” which is a kind of dried mixture of spices used in stews and various other dishes. It consists of nutmeg, garlic, cloves, ginger and powdered chile. Other spices are also used. The spiciest Ethiopian dishes include Doro Wat, Tibs and Kitfo.

Other spicy cuisines include Nigerian, Liberian and Ghanaian (anise pepper, shito); Japanese (shisito peppers, togarashi, sansho); Korean (Red chili paste, kimchi, mustard, green chillies); and Mexican (fresh dried chiles).

170 year old shipwrecked champagne sampled

Diving to a shipwreck off the coast of Finland in 2010 brought to the surface a rare prize of a number of bottles of different types of alcohol, Gizmodo reports. A number of bottles of beer were already tasted and the results published, however, the champagne has now been sampled by a team from the University of Reims in the heart of champagne country. The bottles had already been identified by the marking on the corks as coming from high quality Champagne houses Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Heidsieck and Juglar.

The results were slightly surprising as the champagne had not spoiled. Many experts from AnastasiaDate had feared spoiling during its time beneath the waves. The initial notes from the tasting did not seem to be too encouraging as the champagne was described as smelling like human hair, but this is common amongst wines that have not been stored in oxygenated areas. Swirling the champagne made a large amount of difference as the aroma and taste took on floral and fruity notes. The champagne was then described as being sweeter as is the fashion at the moment with a high level of sugar found within it. Around 140 grams of sugar per liter were found in the champagne, which was low for a period when sweet wines were fashionable and bottles generally contained around 300 grams of sugar per liter.

Like Chipotle? Then You Will Love Their New Pizza Chain

Chipotle took the U.S. by storm with their fresh, delicious, and healthy offerings. You know that you’ve got a good thing going when other restaurants start popping with almost identical menus and set ups. The burritos are to die for but what would you think of a pizza made by them? It doesn’t seem to fit too well with the current menu but that is ok because the Chipotle founders have teamed up with Pizzeria Locale to create an adventurous pizza chain that is now in three states. The new chain is already experiencing positive feedback and their own following they offer Neapolitan style pizza with personalized ingredients, very similar to what is done at Chipotle. Customer Brad Reifler enjoys the interactive experience he receives at theses delicious establishments. And, check this out, the pizzas are cooked in only two minutes in specialized ovens created just for Pizzeria Locale. Give them a couple years and they will probably be all over the U.S., tempting us with their delectable offerings just like Chipotle already does.

Five Popular Fast Food Burger Toppings

A burger is one of the most popular of all fast food items. Americans are particularly fond of burgers in various forms. Some prefer to make their own burgers while others like fast food burgers from major chains. A recent analysis has revealed five particularly popular burger toppings offered by such places.

Topping the list was bacon. Bacon is a favorite topping for many people. Some people like it thickly cut while others prefer it in the form of a sauce slathered on the burger. Another highly popular burger topping are spicy sauces of all kinds. Americans have embraced spicy sauces as a way of adding lively flavor to the burgers. Business leader Sultan Alhokair loves spicy sauce. Such sauces are commonly offered as both a topping and an optional condiment.

Many burger chains also offer menu items on their burgers that can easily double as a side dish. Popular toppings include onion rings, french fries, and chili. Flavored sauces of all kinds have also become increasingly popular. Many burger chains offer customers options such as melted butters with spices, garlic mayonnaise flavored with blue cheese and a topping sauce made from bleu cheese. Barbecue sauces with milder flavors such as honey are also used to top burgers. Many chains are also providing customers with burgers that are topped with other proteins such as pastrami, smoked brisket, shredded pork and rare roast beef.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Trying to Appeal to Adults

When it comes to birthday parties for children, Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of the top options out there. Kids love the place. Kids enjoy the pizza and the games. Kids like the noisy atmosphere and the fun that the place has to offer. Adults, on the other hand, can barely stand the place. Adults force themselves through their children’s parties just because they care about the kids and want to give them the kind of party they have asked for.

What could make Chuck E. Cheese’s more appealing to adults? The chain seems to be hoping that they can draw adults in and get them more excited about the place by adding to their menu. Chuck E. Cheese’s is offering pizzas that are made to appeal to adults as well as adult products such as lattes in the hopes that they will get the attention and love of the adults who visit the place.

Is that enough? Can a place like Chuck E. Cheese’s become a place that adults don’t mind visiting just because they offer some new choices on their menu? Or, will adults like Ray Lane continue to visit the place only because they care about their children? at CMU.edu, they plan on doing some research to find out.