Politics! How Sweet It Is!

It is not just the “Land of Sun and Surf and Smoke” these days. It is not the land of “bronzed skin” and healthy bodies lying on the beach. California is a battleground. It is a case of “bureaucrats” versus “fizz.” Those California “health addicts” are not concerned with maryjane. It is sugar that is driving the politicians and health officials. Sounds like a “sweet” battle! Berkley will be voting on a penny tax on soft drinks.

San Francisco will be getting its two cents worth, doubling the suggested tax for its citizens. Yes, Jared Haftel and other Stanford voters will be choosing whether to tax each ounce of sugary beverage. Not only that, but the California economy in the Bay Area is thriving with about $9 million being spent by the beverage industry and a little less than half a million by proposal supporters to promote or protest the “wicked” taxes. For details, check out

Homemade Dog Food Recipes That Are Healthier For Your Pup

it’s important for pet owners to realize that dog food isn’t always the healthiest thing for your dog. These foods aren’t as widely regulated as human food. Which means there’s a lot of junk that goes in the bag, and that can be bad for your pup’s long term health.

I have a friend, Igor Cornelsen who has had trouble in the past. His dog was one of the ones that incurred health problems because of the bad food being shipped out of Chinese factories a few years back.

That’s why the best thing that you can actually do is take an interest in your dog, and find healthy alternatives that are ideal for them to eat. Here are a few recipes that don’t take a ton of prep, but that still enable you to keep your doggie healthier and happier, and also living longer.

Better Oils For Cooking and Frying

After looking up a new recipe while surfing the internet on FreedomPop from the train, I’m always raring to go by the time I get home. However, there are a ton of recipes that require some form of oil for me to be able to cook and eat.

So which oils are healthier, and which are to be avoided? Well essentially, you want to avoid anything that comes from an animal. These are always high in bad saturated fat, and are not something that you want to put into your body. If you want to avoid heart disease that is.

But of course, it’s also important to realize that no oil is truly healthy. They are all providing fats that can contribute to heart disease. But there are plenty that are healthier for you than others.

For example, Olive Oil is a godsend, when it comes to baking and some types of cooking. Although OO has a very low smoke point, so it’s not ideal for frying. If you try to fry with Olive Oil, you’re going to end up with a massive smoke detector problem really quick.

For that, peanut oil is your best friend. Nice high smoke point, and plenty of great benefits through their oils, this is a much better alternative than animal based, or vegetable oils. Both of which contain an uncomfortably high level of bad saturated fats.

Prepping For Deer Fat Season

Now that hunting season is about to be in full swing throughout the Midwest, it’s important to know what to do with your deer fat. The way that venison needs to be prepared is a little bit different than a lot of other types of meats.

While in some cases, deer fat can actually be better for you than other animal fats, it’s vital to realize that it’s much more saturated than most animals. Venison fat is more saturated than pork, or beef. So it doesn’t break down or melt as easily as either two, and should be removed from the cooking process as much as possible.

Plus, it’s important to realize which fat you can use, and which you want to avoid. There are some deer, depending upon where they are, in which the fat will probably be too saturated to be used for almost anything. Sagebrush, and deer from sketchy areas should be avoided, as far as fat is concerned. But deer that are mostly grassfed should be okay.

As Marnie Bennett can tell you, they are typically healthier, and also the fat is richer in omega 3’s, instead of the bad saturated fat that can be found in town deer.

The suet in almost all cases is probably better off just tossed. Too hard to convert or break down to use in anything that people are going to eat. Although it can be saved for candles, soap and even for feeding the birds.